Barco Ushers in Video Wall for Historic Landmark

main In March 2016, the iconic Marcel Breuer-designed building in New York became The Met Breuer, the new home for The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s expanded modern and contemporary art program. Upon entry to The Met Breuer, one of the first things visitors will notice is a large-scale media wall in the lobby. This giant video screen, consisting of 28 feet of LEDs and state-of-the-art display technology, is a critical component of the building’s public experience, enabling a highly flexible and engaging means of delivering information, branding, and even digital art.

Having worked with X2O Media in the past, The Met was familiar with the company’s X2O platform and its ability to provide the features it needed to bring the media wall to fruition. These features included broadcast-quality graphics rendering, which was particularly important for showcasing digital works of art; having an easy-to-use content management platform that enables multiple users to remotely access and build content channels across a network; and integration with the museum’s calendar and scheduling system.

Ensuring the highest possible quality output, the video wall has a resolution of 4576 pixels by 936 pixels. The X2O platform is able to generate channels of content designed at this native resolution for a powerful, media-rich experience. As the wall rotates through a playlist of content, the wall will, at times, output a seamless full-screen image, and at others, various zones of content at different sizes will display events and promotional images, guided tour information, and room scheduling — all driven dynamically by a database that is linked to other screens throughout the museum.

The flexibility of the X2O platform allows the museum’s content managers to easily change and create content as needed without having to manually rebuild playlists or redesign channels, resulting in a stunning visual that grabs the attention of visitors right when they walk in the door.