Visualized Sales and Operations Planning: Barco Realizes New Inventory Goals with X2O Platform Displaying Dynamic Visual Information

Supply-Chain-Dashboard-1Barco is a global technology company that designs and develops networked visualization products for entertainment, enterprise, and healthcare markets. With inventory warehouses located worldwide, the company needed a solution that would give them better visibility into the sales and operations planning of each of these depots. Additionally, the inventory responsibility is widespread, depending on the purpose, region, and market division. Barco has created several systems in the past in an effort to provide its employees with an overview of current inventory, but struggled to sustain the system that would help better visualize inventory and further improve inventory turns. Most recently their supply chain and operations information was communicated to key stakeholders via sets of Excel® spreadsheets.

Using the HTML5-enabled X2O platform, Barco has moved beyond spreadsheets to a series of visual dashboards that connects the workforce across the globe to improve decision-making and business growth. Barco’s visual communications network comprises 15 different dashboards that provide a powerful and effective way of visualizing the company’s overall sales and operations situation at a high level, how inventory is evolving, and what the gap is from meeting set goals. The dashboards are divided into four topic-focused channels:

  • The first channel shows five world maps that visually depict the geographical dispersion of Barco Entertainment inventory globally and within each of its four entertainment markets: cinema, events, pro A/V, and retail and advertising. These maps are intended to provide employees with an instant snapshot so they can understand how Barco’s stock is spread out over different regions and the amount of stocking locations Barco maintains throughout the world — giving them the key information they need to enable faster and better decisions.
  • The second channel breaks down supply chain trends per business with dynamic graphs and charts for each of the four Barco Entertainment markets, providing a deep level of data on the global inventory level, stock target, depreciations and inventory turns, as well as more focused intelligence on a regional level.
  • The third channel displays content on the total stock per major geographical location — North and South America; Europe, Middle East, and Africa; China; and the Asia-Pacific region. With this data, Barco has dynamic visuals that communicate if the company is on track from a regional perspective and if the company needs to work on the health of its local inventories.
  • Finally, a fourth channel draws attention to critical products within the company, such as those that rank the highest in overall value and those that are ranked the highest in depreciated value. This data zeroes in on a few items that have a major impact or where employees need to collaborate and take action that can lead to significant results.

Supply-Chain-Dashboard-2The sales and operations planning channel lineup can be easily tailored for different locations. For example, the Barco headquarters in Belgium is the ideal place to display the full breadth of inventory intelligence for all regions and businesses. If deployed in other regions, however, the solution can be adjusted to show product information relevant to that location, giving those employees access to only the information that is critical to their success.

With the X2O platform, Barco can visually communicate inventory levels and trends throughout the organization with ease. This creates awareness of the inventory and allows decision-makers to make critical decisions in a timely fashion thereby maintaining inventory at optimal operational levels. By visualizing certain inventory KPIs and targets through an X2O-enabled dashboard, Barco not only keeps inventory awareness high, but enables the entire organization to work together to achieve those targets.