The X2O Platform

 The X2O Platform empowers you to create channels for any type of display.  Learn more.


Stunning TV-like visuals

  • Guaranteed to grab attention, our broadcast-quality graphics and video will get the right message to the right employees
  • Choose from our gallery of professionally designed objects or create your own


Drag-and-drop channel building


Link to social media content

  • Create channels that include user-generated content from popular social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Foursquare and more
  • Display the latest Tweets on a subject or your company in public areas with eye-catching 3D graphics
  • Add mobile interactivity to your network of digital displays by dynamically displaying QR codes


Multiple real-time data sources

  • Link to real-time data from your corporate databases like SAP, Oracle
  • Link to data from collaboration sites like SharePoint
  • Dynamic objects that are linked to data feeds like news, weather, traffic, financial info and sports scores update automatically on any screen


End-to-end HTML5-based platform

  • The X2O Platform is built using HTML5, a web-based, cross-platform specification, enabling access of X2O channels from any mobile device, laptop or desktop
  • X2O channels are created and managed from one interface, saving users a significant amount of effort in cross-publishing
  • HTML5 enables great-looking graphics, letting users create stunning channels that include dynamic charts and graphs.


Smart objects

  • X2O pioneered the concept of “smart” objects years ago in the broadcast industry: X2O objects already contain pre-coded production logic that automatically updates graphic elements, saving users significant time
  • With smart objects, users don’t have to worry about how to get dynamic graphics to change as required – they can use existing production logic or edit it to suit their needs


Content management online

  • Upload assets used in channels such as videos, images, even audio files to the browser-based  X2O Portal
  • Schedule channels to play out at specific times  with an intuitive calendar interface
  • More advanced playlist options are available for dayparting, random playback and auto-generated playlists of content


Powerful Automated Campaign Management

  • Create advertising and promotional campaigns using a color-coded grid system
  • Quickly see an overview of your campaign and immediately identify what slots are available to sell more ads
  • Target ads to appear on specific players within your network


Easy-to-use Schedule Management

  • Drag-and-drop Playlists, Channels, and Assets to an event calendar
  • Schedule, plan, and review events occurring at the player level
  • Create recurring schedules by extending the event across multiple calendar days using the mouse


Animation Timeline Editor

  • Animate channel elements over time using a powerful drag-and-drop keyframe editor
  • Add dramatic impact to your visual communications with ultra-smooth, broadcast-quality playback


Integrates with 3rd Party Systems

  • The X2O Platform was created to be open for the outset, enabling easy integration with 3rd -party systems
  • The X2O Portal API provides solution providers such as Polycom the opportunity to register digital assets with the X2O Portal, greatly simplifying the work associated with digital asset management
  • The X2O Platform also integrates with a number of 3rd-party digital signage players, as explained in X2O’s “Open Content Management Framework” initiative



Powerful network management

X2O Remote Manager enables users to:

  • Monitor the status of specific screens or an entire network across multiple locations from one interface
  • Take corrective action remotely on any issue before viewers even notice an issue
  • View detailed technical stats on specific screens and send control commands, significantly reducing your network operating and maintenance costs


Choose cloud or on-premise

  • Either use your own private cloud or X2O’s Azure cloud service – both give you the ability to scale quickly
  • Take advantage of your private and its security measures if required or rely on X2O’s robust cloud service at a reduced internal operational expense



Analytics and metrics

  • X2O offers powerful browser-based reporting capabilities with as-run logging and activity reports
  • Easily export report files to Excel and share across the organization
  • Additional metrics offering user viewing insights are also available to users and administrators


X2O introduces Enterprise TV – an evolution in enterprise communications that goes beyond traditional approaches such as email, corporate intranets, and video streaming. With the X2O Platform, users communicate key messages and data to the right person, at the right time, and on the right device using a concept of channels that resemble what viewers are used to seeing on broadcast television. These dynamic and eye-catching channels not only break through information clutter but provide critical and timely information that can then be acted upon, providing competitive advantage and directly impacting the bottom line.

X2O is not a streaming video platform – it’s the next step in the evolution of enterprise communications. Channels can incorporate streaming video where necessary, but they don’t have to. All content is rendered dynamically in real-time at each end-point, which means network traffic is greatly reduced and updates can be delivered to any screen within seconds.

Dynamic data-driven visuals used to require the work of a video editor, graphics designer, or database expert – not any more. The X2O Platform includes easy-to-use drag-and-drop channel creation and content management tools, allowing anyone in the enterprise to author media-rich content quickly and easily, and share it with internal and external users anywhere, anytime, on any screen.

That’s why we call X2O the future of visual communications. Building your own private communications network has never been so easy.


If you’re an existing X2O customer and have any questions on how to take advantage of the new platform, contact your Sales Representative or email us at

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