X2O Third-Party Licenses

X2O uses software created by the Open Source community and other third-party companies listed in the tables below.

X2O Platform

Component Supplier License
.NET Color Picker Controls PJL Consultants Ltd. The Code Project Open License (CPOL) 1.02
ActiveX Schedule Gravitybox Single-developer commercial license
Animate.css Daniel Eden MIT license
Aspell GNU GNU LGPL 2.1
Backbone.js Jeremy Ashkenas, DocumentCloud, and Investigative Reporters & Editors MIT license
Backbone.Memento.js Derick Bailey, Muted Solutions, LLC. MIT license
Base64 Webtoolkit Freely available
Bootstrap Bootstrap MIT license
CapStill GDCL Freely available
Chilkat .NET Components Chillkat Unrestricted commercial site license
Chromium The Chromium Project BSD license with parts under the MIT, LGPL, MS-PL, and MPL licenses
Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) 3 Marshall A. Greenblatt New BSD license
FFmpeg-converter FFmpeg GNU LGPL 2.1
finite-state-machine Jake S. Gordon MIT license
Font Awesome Dave Gandy MIT license
FreeImage open source image library FreeImage FreeImage public license
FreeType Font Engine FreeType FreeType license
FSFWrap GDCL Freely available
Full Calendar Adam Shaw MIT license
Haali Matroska Splitter Haali Freely available
imagesLoaded.js Tomas Sardyha and David DeSandro MIT license
International Components for Unicode ICU ICU license
jQuery The jQuery Foundation MIT license
jQuery Easing Plugin George Smith Graphic Design BSD license
jQuery Framerate James Snodgrass BSD license
jQuery jBreadCrumb CompareNetworks Inc. MIT license
jQuery Timeago Ryan McGeary MIT license
jquery.animate-enhanced plugin Ben Barnett MIT license
jQuery.keyboard Jeremy Satterfield and Rob Garrison MIT license layout files licensed under WTFPL, unless the file itself specifies otherwise
jQuery.niceScroll Inu Yaksa MIT license
jquery.totalStorage Jared Novack and Upstatement MIT license
jQuery-Animate-CSS-Rotate-Scale Zachary Johnson MIT license
jQuery-BBQ Ben Alman MIT license
jQuery-CSS-Transform Zachary Johnson MIT license
jQuery-Layout Fabrizio Balliano and Kevin Dalman MIT license
jQuery-UI The jQuery Foundation MIT license
jsTree Ivan Bozhanov MIT license
Lightbox Lokesh Dhakar Creative Commons Attribution 2.5
Linkify Ben Alman MIT license
log4net Apache Apache license
Marionette.js Derick Bailey, Muted Solutions, LLC. MIT license
Microsoft Runtime Libraries Microsoft Licensed under MSDN
moment.js Tim Wood Freely available from moment.js contributors
Resumable.js Steffen Tiedemann Christensen MIT license
Shell MegaPack ActiveX Sky Software Single-developer commercial license
SoftXpath SoftXml Freely available
swagger-ui SmartBear Software Apache license
Swashbuckle Richard Morris New BSD license
TreeViewAdv for .NET TreeViewAdv BSD license
Underscore.js Jeremy Ashkenas, DocumentCloud, and Investigative Reporters & Editors MIT license
URI.js Rodney Rehm Dual-licensed under the MIT license and GPL v3
vbAccelerator Subclassing and Timer Assistant vbAccelerator vbAccelerator software license
VertigoCG Miranda License from Miranda
Video.js Brightcove, Inc. Apache license
Xilium.CefGlue Dmitry Azaraev Dual-licensed under the New BSD and MIT licenses
Zip and Unzip compressor-archiver utilities Info-Zip BSD-style license

X2O Data Portal

Component Supplier License
Antlr Sam Harwell, Terence Parr BSD license
CodeMirror Marijn Haverbeke MIT license
CS-Script Oleg Shilo MIT license
DotNetOpenAuth.Core Andrew Arnott Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)
DotNetOpenAuth.OAuth.Consumer Andrew Arnott Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)
DotNetOpenAuth.OAuth.Core Andrew Arnott Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)
DotNetOpenAuth.OpenId.Core Andrew Arnott Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)
DotNetOpenAuth.OpenId.RelyingParty Andrew Arnott Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)
HtmlAgilityPack Simon Mourrier, Jeff Klawiter, and Stephan Grell Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)
jQuery jQuery Foundation, Inc. Apache-2.0
jQuery.UI.Combined jQuery UI Team Apache-2.0
jQuery.Validation Jörn Zaefferer MIT license
Knockout.KoGrid timothyswt, ebarnard MIT license
knockoutjs The Knockout.js team and contributors MIT license
koGrid Tim.Sweet MIT license
log4net Apache Software Foundation Apache-2.0
Modernizr Faruk Ateş, Paul Irish, and Alex Sexton MIT license
Newtonsoft.Json James Newton-King MIT license
Spin.js Felix Gnass MIT license

X2O Epoxy

Component Supplier License
apn.js Andrew Naylor MIT license
archiver.js Chris Talkington MIT license
azure.js Microsoft MIT and Apache-2.0
body-parser.js Douglas Wilson MIT license
chalk.js Sindre Sorhus MIT license
express.js TJ Holowaychuk and Douglas Christopher Wilson MIT license
express-session.js Douglas Wilson MIT license
fcm-push.js Rasmunandar Rustam MIT license
kerberos.js christkv Apache-2.0
killable.js Marten de Vries ISC license
lodash.js John-David Dalton and Mathias Bynens MIT license
mkdirp.js James Halliday MIT license
mv.js Andrew Kelley MIT license
ncp.js Charlie McConnell and Maciej Małecki MIT license
node-qs-serialization.js Edward Smit MIT license
node-statsd.js steveivy, Dieter Plaetinck, and devdazed MIT license
node-uuid.js Robert Kieffer MIT license
node-windows.js Corey Butler MIT license
nomnom.js Heather Arthur MIT license
q.js Kris Kowal and Domenic Denicola MIT license
redis-pubsub-emitter.js marekventur MIT license
request.js Mikeal Rogers, j. Nylen, Fred K. Schott, and Simeon Velichkov Apache-2.0
rimraf.js Isaac Z. Schlueter ISC license
sails-memory.js Mike McNeil, Cody Stoltman and Scott Gress MIT license
sails-mongo.js Mike McNeil, Ted Kulp, Cody Stoltman, Scott Gress, and Mike McNeil MIT license
serve-index.js Douglas Wilson MIT license
socket.io.js rauchg and Damien Arrachequesne MIT license
temp.js Bruce MIT license
twilio.js Kevin Whinnery, Doug Black, twiliomatt, praser05, Jingming Niu, and Evan Fossier MIT license
unzipper.js Ziggy Jonsson MIT license
wascally.js Alex Robson and Ian Evatt MIT license
waterline.js Mike McNeil, Cody Stoltman, Scott Gress, and Mike McNeil MIT license
winston.js Charlie Robbins, Chj Jeffrey, Jarrett Cruger, and Alberto Pose MIT license

Last updated: January 6, 2017