4 Ways X2O Increases Productivity with Microsoft SharePoint


In a 2013 survey by Prescient Digital Media, only 13% of employees reported making use of their corporate intranets on a daily basis whereas 31% said they never do. This means that an enterprise’s chief method of communicating internally is failing to internally communicate to roughly half its workforce.

Many, if not most large enterprises use Microsoft SharePoint as the de facto communication tool since it enables collaboration on other Microsoft files and certain pages of the intranet itself. However, if little thought is put into a SharePoint site, if the content it cluttered, unwieldy, or mismanaged, it becomes a frustrating experience.

To learn how X2O can increase productivity with SharePoint, keeping reading:

  1. Real-Time Communications. SharePoint TV turns SharePoint into a real-time
    visual communication system, letting users create TV-like channels made up of video and graphics-rich content and publish these channels to desktops, digital displays, and video walls. SharePoint information is automatically updated on all screens in real time, greatly simplifying the content management process and reducing staff workload.
  2. Pull and Push content. SharePoint TV lets you pull data from SharePoint and display content on your desktop. When integrated with video and graphics-rich X2O channels, the data presented is much more intuitive and less cluttered, and is therefore more engaging. Or you can push X2O channels and content directly into SharePoint transforming its webpages into interactive and data-rich environments, vastly improving on the speed at which information is communicated to employees.
  3. Go social and get more data. SharePoint TV lets you combine data from various data sources such as Oracle, SQL, Access and XML, as well as social media sites and RSS feeds to create more complete dashboards and see your data in context. Users save time by seeing all of their data in a common place as opposed to navigating and logging into different places.
  4. Scalable.  X2O provides an enterprise-grade solution with role-based permissions that can restrict access to content and scales to thousands of different types of devices, letting you reach a wider audience cost-effectively as your enterprise grows.

To learn more about X2O SharePoint TV, visit http://www.x2omedia.com/sharepoint-tv.


To learn how SharePoint TV can benefit your enterprise, visit us at SPTechCon Austin, 21-24 February 2016 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel, booth # 502.

Watch an overview of SharePoint TV

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