Boosting Trade Show Traffic with Creative Use of Displays

Let’s face it – attracting attention at  jam-packed trade shows can be difficult. Different brands choose different tactics to attract, engage, and retain booth visitors, from swanky swag to dynamic demos. For exhibitors looking to create an engaging kind of splash both on trade show floors and on social sites, X2O software can power eye-catching visual solutions that help companies draw participants into the booth and have a lasting memory of their experience with the brand.

X2O provided a unique multi-screen branding installation for a non-profit organization at a recent event. We integrated iPads with a videowall so visitors to the booth could post feedback directly to it in support of the cause the organization was supporting. The result was a highly interactive experience where booth visitors could obtain more information about the exhibitor, proclaim their support for the organization’s cause, and see their message appear both on social media networks and directly on the booth’s big screen. Here’s how it worked:

  • As trade show participants approached the booth, they were welcomed by five iPad® tablets mounted on individual stands. The tablets first showed an “attract loop” to draw interest and welcome visitors to the experience.
  • Once participants were engaged, they were encouraged to sign the application’s “eSignature” support wall, which displayed user-generated content directly onto the large videowall above the booth. When selecting the signature option, visitors entered their name, Twitter handle, and selected to post from a list of predefined messages. Next they could sign their signature by tracing their finger directly onto the tablet before their message and signature were displayed both on the videowall and on the Internet.
  • A second option for those not willing to sign the support wall provided a link to the organization’s website for more info on the cause.

For the exhibitor, this combination of exposure at the trade show and messaging on the social-sphere created a solution that provided visitors with a memorable experience and an opportunity for the organization to augment its outreach to new supporters.  What can you do to engage your booth visitors?

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