Enterprise Communications: More Targeted and More Impactful With SharePoint TV

SPTechCon is upon us, so Microsoft® SharePoint® is top-of-mind here at X2O. Did you know that with SharePoint TV, which runs on the HTML5-based X2O platform, you can broadcast existing information stored in SharePoint — such as company news, event calendars, business intelligence data and project team tasks — automatically as dynamic channels? That means you can publish information stored in SharePoint using media-rich graphics on digital signage displays, smart phones and employee desktops in real time, increasing the number of people who will actually read the information, without adding to anyone’s workload. By pushing data to viewers in a visually appealing format — instead of them having to search through cluttered files — they’re more likely to absorb the information, take action on tasks and be more productive.

SharePoint-TV-in-MonitorThe notion of real-time, data-driven channels is especially on-trend given the shift to “new ways to work” that are significantly impacting workplaces today. An overwhelming amount of employees are using BYOD (bring your own device) mobile devices and social apps, and most employees expect information to be available when they need it, wherever they may be. SharePoint TV leverages these trends by letting you take advantage of every available screen to reach your audiences, optimize communication, and inspire more-informed decision-making.

So what can your enterprise do using SharePoint TV? Here are just a few examples:

  • Executives can view real-time, data-driven KPI and BI executive dashboard channels to keep a constant pulse on how the company is performing and enable faster organizational responses.
  • Finance managers can monitor financial and market data, productivity statistics and inventory levels. Unlike static spreadsheets and charts, X2O’s stunning visual dashboards are informative, impactful and concise.
  • Human resource professionals and internal communications managers can go beyond company intranet sites with visually compelling broadcasts featuring messages on training opportunities and requirements, internal recruitment campaigns, wellness initiatives, new benefits, on-boarding processes and more.
  • Sales and marketing staff can widely communicate the latest product offerings, share business intelligence and promote sales strategies — leading to more rapid and precise responses to fast-changing business environments.

Project managers can pull data and content directly from SharePoint to create and share highly visual screens with senior staff. Reporting becomes more efficient because they can access content that is already on-hand instead of creating new workflows.

Let us show you how SharePoint TV can benefit your business. Stop by and see X2O Media at SPTechCon in Booth 901. 

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