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The digital workplace is here, and it’s redefining success in business. In order for organizations to create productive, empowered, and creative workforces, employees must be able to use today’s technologies and systems how they operate best.

Driving this new way to work are the latest consumer technology advances — mobile devices, the proliferation of apps for every imaginable task and interest, wearables, and more — as well as changing workforce demographics (Millennials have surpassed the former generations and make up the majority of the workforce). Technology affords employees the ability to work from anywhere, and today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business environment demands new ways of communicating that nurture a stronger sense of employee engagement, achieve higher levels of collaboration, and ultimately enable faster and better decision making.

But how can an enterprise not only keep pace but excel with these expectations?

New tools are part of the answer. Every screen potentially becomes a way of delivering and interacting with content. Place-based digital screens, desktops, IP phones, tablets, smartphones, video walls, and wearable devices all become content destinations. Enterprises can start by making connectivity to content easy for employees in areas they already encounter everyday:

  • Connect at the employee’s desktop – The employee’s desktop becomes the “connected desktop,” enabling users to view and interact with data-driven channels and widgets directly from their desktops or laptops. For instance, X2O’s new X2O Desktop application enables several use cases, including company news channels, business intelligence dashboards, interactive polls, and live alerts. This ease of tapping into relevant and important information creates stronger, more effective teams that are ultimately more productive.
  • Connect with digital screens throughout the company – The “connected workplace” promotes communications in real time through connected screens and devices found throughout a facility, including digital signage, interactive touchscreens, and video walls. No matter where employees are located, especially those not in front of a computer, they can receive timely information, keeping them more engaged. Extending this across campuses, companies can maintain up-to-date communications for entire workforces, regardless of location.

Enabling the connection through place-based digital screens and devices is only part of the answer. The other element is the ability to share with employees a variety of highly visualized real-time data, video, and imagery that are organized into content channels, whether it’s company news or key performance indicators, that’s readily accessible, shareable, and automatically updated.

Facilitated by drag-and-drop tools and data-driven graphics, this new generation of visual communications technology allows staff to quickly build new content channels and for employees to rapidly respond to changing events. In the end, it provides a way to elevate the impact of messaging within an organization.

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