The Mayday Effect

We were really excited to see the introduction this past fall of Amazon’s Mayday button on the Kindle Fire HDX. When pressed, the new feature connects you to a technical advisor ready to answer any of your questions.  What’s new is that the communication is via live video, where you can see and interact with the advisor to assist you with any questions.

It’s important to note that for now the video communication is only one way – the advisor on the other end can only hear you.  Even still, this is another bold step by Amazon that we’re watching closely.  X2O introduced its own video-based interactivity feature earlier in the year to great response.

The X2O Remote Video Expert features two-way video communication (video and audio) directly from a window on an interactive digital display screen.  We envisioned all sorts of potential uses from requesting assistance in a retail setting, to healthcare specialists holding video chats with patients, to live communications on a manufacturing shop floor.  In addition to the live communication, the person communicating via the Remote Video Expert can also push content directly to the display screen.  This additional context and relevant information presented at the right place at the right time means issues have a greater chance of being successfully resolved, yielding a more positive experience for the end-user.

Once again, consumer applications may drive adoption of a new communication paradigm in the enterprise.

Image courtesy Amazon


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