The Power of X2O

X2O Media sells enterprise communication solutions that enable enterprise users to create and deliver broadcast-quality video and graphics content to any screen, anywhere, at any time. Using the X2O platform, anyone can create their own real-time media network, without any technical knowledge or expertise. Examples include corporate desktop news channels, mobile news channels, digital signage, interactive channels, and a wide range of other applications where live, up-to-the-second content is delivered to one or more screens, anywhere in the world, on any screen.

Most digital signage companies offer one part of the overall solution. At X2O, we believe that you need three components to deliver a successful production:

  • A technology platform that delivers the highest quality product and that allows to address, in real-time, an ever changing interactive world and socially engaged audience
  • Creative and content management services to get you started as well as advisory continuity
  • State-of-the-art content hosting, deployment skills and network monitoring

Providing the best of breed in each of these areas, the X2O platform is the most powerful and easiest-to-use visual communications system available today.

Why Choose X2O? Top Features at a Glance:

Easy to use design tools

  • Browser-based content management tools: allows multiple users to design channels and manage the player network via cloud-based portal securely accessible through an internet browser, as opposed to a costly and complex proprietary software installation per system.
  • Completely flexible channel design tools: allows channels to be created entirely free-form, and is not a typical “zone-based” digital signage system. Objects within channels can overlap and have transparency, allowing a virtually unlimited number of high quality layers, resulting in an unrivalled playout quality.
  • Smart objects and channels: lets smart objects be easily linked to an unlimited number of real-time data sources through drag-and-drop.
  • Drag-and-drop_Channel_BuildingDrag-and-drop live data-linking and user inputs: lets you easily connect live data to channel objects, and integrate the platform with a wide range of user input devices, including touch screens, gesture systems, facial recognition systems, NFC/RFID, mobile devices, and others.
  • Full support for Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint: includes native support for Excel and PowerPoint file formats without the need to purchase any additional software at design time or for output to players.
  • Video collaboration: native integration with video conferencing systems and WebRTC. 

Dynamic content and user experience

  • Mobile-Business-App-X2O-SalesDozens of X2O Smart Objects with pre-defined built-in behaviors: Data or actions in one object can trigger a response in another object or channel on the same player or another player on the same X2O network
  • Broadcast style animations and transitions: Guaranteed to grab attention, broadcast-quality graphics and video will get the right message to the right employees
  • Mobile control channels: browse, interact and even change content on X2O channels using your mobile device or tablet

Powerful management and digital workplace resources

  • screen_05Comprehensive network management tools: enables remote configurations, diagnostics, and monitoring of players, screens, and other devices at each end point securely accessible through an internet browser.
  • Real-time monitoring and self-healing: allows live updates and real-time interactions between the server and all players for use in mission-critical communications applications.
  • Desktop notifications and channels: send targeted notifications and live channels of information to specific groups of employees.
  • Emergency alerts: send critical full-screen alerts and safety information channels to desktops across the entire enterprise.
  • Integration with X2O X2O Desktop: provides collaboration between all employees within an enterprise, share channels, implement screensaver channels, collaboration, and pin desktop widgets with real-time information.

Scalable architecture

  • X2O_Platform_Cloud_or_On-PermiseOpen platform: lets you easily extend the platform by simply adding new objects and object packs (such as graph and chart objects, video conferencing objects, interactive objects, and collaboration objects) and tailoring to exact customer requirements. Since X2O is based on HTML5, literally millions of developers can enrich the product letting non-technical users to create advanced applications quickly and easily.
  • Highly scalable distributed server architecture: provides support for any size network spread across multiple geographic regions, with multiple levels of redundancy.
  • Available as a cloud or on-premise solution: Either use your own private cloud or X2O’s Azure cloud service – both give you the ability to scale quickly
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