X2O Featured on Lifetime’s ‘Office Spaces’

X2O was thrilled to be featured on the reality television program “Office Spaces,” which aired this month on Lifetime Network in the U.S. “Office Spaces” follows interior designer and host Kalyn Rothaus as she starts from a clean slate to create the office of the future. Kalyn’s goal is to “activate the space with technology” and is mandated with providing her TV production company client, Brandstar, with a work area that embraces employee engagement, creativity, and productivity. Each episode of “Office Spaces” tracks a specific segment of the renovation process from construction to furniture selection to technology implementation.

Kalyn and the communications/IT team at Brandstar wanted to use place-based video displays to provide both impactful brand recognition and to serve as an innovative employee communications solution. X2O’s ability to deliver both of these solutions exceeded the team’s expectations.

Upon entering the offices, visitors are immediately welcomed by a video wall featuring various programs and personalities. The video wall and the content being displayed is meant to energize the space and create a strong sense of brand awareness. The programs required an easy-to-use method for frequently updating this content and X2O’s intuitive platform was the perfect solution for quickly replacing visuals and updating playlists.

The X2O platform was also deployed throughout offices and conference rooms to provide a dedicated Brandstar channel. This branded employee information channel features video, imagery, PowerPoint, social media, and messaging that helps ensure that staff is always up to date with company news and business objectives. As a television production company, it was vital that the channel not only reflects the Brandstar look and feel but also communicate a modern, technically progressive experience. X2O carefully crafted a channel that balanced the client’s brand requirements with its communication objectives.

Brandstar was also given access to X2O’s Channel Designer tool that allows them to create and distribute additional channels as required. Channel Designer will allow users to quickly layout channels, add live data feeds, and incorporate various content types. This kind of flexibility will allow Brandstar to consistently meet their visual communications requirements well into the future.

Watch the video below to catch highlights from the episode:

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