X2O recognized with 3 Apex Awards

The annual Apex Awards were presented to winners in nine categories from a field of 153 entrants from 11 countries at Digital Signage Expo. APEX Awards were individually assessed and juried on the basis of originality and innovation by 13 industry experts and journalists, have published on the many facets of the industry, and are recognized as versant in current industry trends. Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards are given to solution providers on the basis of originality in content applications developed specifically for digital signage.

This year, 3 projects were awarded for their excellence:

Viacom/McCann (powered by X2O)
Event Venues & Hospitality

Home to the world’s preeminent entertainment brands, Viacom’s corporate headquarters in New York City’s Times Square is host to thousands of visitors each day. The digital conglomerate flaunts its technology roots with bold LED initiatives throughout the space, designed and integrated by McCann Systems. The fast-paced, cutting-edge tenor of the brand is immediately established with dynamic custom content splashed across two larger than life 4×4 videowalls in the lobby. With sixteen 55” ultra-slim bezel LED monitors each, either matrix provides the traditional collective experience while also engineered for additional custom playback capabilities. X2O software provides each monitor the capability for individual playback or operation in a hybrid mode; some monitors providing standalone feeds and others work in tandem for larger combined imagery.

Daimler Truck North America at Hoover Dam
Immersive Environments

A leader in commercial vehicles for long-haul trucking, Daimler executives explored ideas for maximizing the impact of their Freightliner Inspiration Truck and sought to use the Hoover Dam as a projection canvas.

The 420,000 sq ft surface featured numerous angles and curves, widening from bottom to top. The projection tower was located 2,500 feet away from the surface, requiring the use of 7.5-11.2 zoom lenses. Sixty X2O projectors were set-up in three banks, using six projectors to create each image, which were seamlessly blended to create a single 4592 x 2048 pixel image generating an astonishing 1.17 million lumens.

ShowBiz Cinemas Baytown 10 (powered by X2O)
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

At its flagship location in Texas, X2O is partnering with ShowBiz Cinemas and to bring their lobby to life. X2O’s Lobby Domination solutions are created around the company’s X2O technology platform and will not only bring an entertaining and aesthetically diverse component to ShowBiz’s pre-show experience but also provide additional ticket sales opportunities to drive revenues.

X2O enables the creation and distribution of dynamic content for animated digital signage applications, design templates, and large-scale movie trailer executions.

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