X2O Collaboration Room

X2O Collaboration Room

Collaborate Across Rooms and Across The Globe in Real Time

With X2O Media’s enterprise-grade collaboration room, remote executives, engineers, analysts and designers experience and participate with local attendees in everything that is taking place in multiple live meeting rooms — ultimately enhancing team productivity across the globe. X2O's virtual collaboration room technology features high-definition, bi-directional audio/visual communication, interactive whiteboards and presentation monitors with content sharing and integrated collaboration tools.

Multiple camera views, including a unique perspective view camera for each remote participant – enables presenters to deliver the same instructions and content simultaneously to onsite and remote participants. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface allows instructors to focus on teaching, and moderators to focus on the meeting rather than technology. The result is a hybrid environment that will be embraced by users as an effective way to provide an unparalleled experience for all participants.

Scalable Solution

The virtual collaboration room is the future of remote collaboration. It combines the benefits of live meetings and collaborative sessions with the power and flexibility of a cloud-based virtual platform which extends across multiple meeting rooms or from their own desktop. The virtual collaboration room supports up to five rooms and 16 remote participants that appear on dedicated avatar displays with directional audio in each room. Attendees experience a unique interactive meeting environment between the remote participants and the in-room attendees. The solution supports SAML based single sign-on for one-click access for enterprise users.

High Definition Audio/Video Experience

The collaboration room features ultra-high quality bi-directional audio/visual communication with intelligent multi-camera views, including a unique perspective view of the selected room for each remote participant. This enables the same level of engagement for everyone in the meeting, local or remote.

The powerful and compact X2O Media Player-C provides high-quality audio and video rendering for an enhanced collaboration room experience.

Easy-to-Use Interface

An intuitive interface allows remote users and moderators to focus on the meeting rather than technology.

Operator View

Moderators can add documents, set the seating chart, start a session or control content such as chat functionality and polls from the operator’s view. Using the X2O Desktop application, a meeting organizer with the proper credentials can simply add a new collaboration session through the UI.

Participant Views

Remote participants join by using the X2O Desktop application or a Chrome browser, and the only hardware required is a standard headset and webcam. All remote participants can annotate in color on specific pages or slides without losing the markups already made. This applies to any content being shared — presentations, images, videos or simply a whiteboard. Attendees can also share content and interact as a group and as individuals.

Use Case

Room to Room

  • Enterprises who want to collaborate across rooms and across the globe in real time
  • Supports up to five rooms and 16 remote participants that appear on dedicated avatar displays
  • Allow to configure multiple collaboration rooms that can be connected together
  • Participants can share content and interact as a group and as individuals

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