International Travel Catering Association Mercury Award – Systems and Processing Category

Air Canada constantly strives to improve the quality and consistency of its customer service, and keeping mobile employees scattered around the world at 36,000 feet informed with up-to-date information can be a challenge.  Air Canada tackled this issue with the development of its globe TV digital signage network channel, which was recognized by the International Travel Catering Association with a 2008 Mercury Award in the Systems and Processing Category.

“With globe TV, our goal was to develop a modern and innovative way to communicate valuable information in real time with our cabin crew — whether it be re-iterating safety regulations, changes to aircraft procedures, or scheduling,” says Bill Powell, Air Canada’s manager, communication planning & delivery for the airline’s Customer Service divisions. “At the same time, we needed a solution that didn’t create a lot of additional work and enabled us to repurpose the wide variety of communications materials we already produce, such as company newsletters, internal e-mail updates, and a vast video library.”