X2O Media Recognized with 2015 DSE APEX Installation Award for its Retail Installation at Verizon Destination Store, Mall of America

The 9,715-square-foot Verizon Destination Store at Minnesota’s Mall of America uses 275 video screens, a 14.5-foot-high monolith, interactive touchscreens, and more to engage customers according to their lifestyles and encourage them to buy in-store. When the first Verizon Destination Store opened at Mall of America in Minnesota in November 2013, it unveiled five interactive “lifestyle zones” to appeal to different customers’ interests — for example, the “Get Fit” zone for sports and fitness buffs — and give them a true-to-life experience by allowing them to test applicable wireless gear running on the Verizon network. Another key feature is the “device wall” — a 14×2 video wall that serves as a focal point where shoppers go to get customized interactive demos of the devices they choose.

The interactive experiences at the Verizon Destination Store allow shoppers to explore various wireless technologies while creating a virtual list of interests. This allows sales representatives to see what the next customer in the queue has been looking at so they can more effectively engage with them to complete the sale.

To monitor the displays’ effectiveness, the X2O platform captures real-time click-through data from all interactive panels based on shoppers’ button presses. The Verizon marketing team analyzes the data regularly to determine which interactive experiences are engaging customers and where adjustments can be made. Thus far, the results of this click-through data have shown that the device walls have been extremely productive for Verizon. In fact, the click-through data has led Verizon to develop a third class of store called the “Smart Store Plus,” which will be a Smart Store with more interactive panels and device walls.