X2O Media Lockheed Martin Velocity News Network Recognized with 2 Awards for Corporate Communications

Apex Content Award

Lockheed Martin’s Aeronautics division launched the Velocity News Network (VNN) as a way to engage and inform members of its non-wired workforce such as employees without company email or access to the Internet. Installed across multiple corporate campuses across the U.S., the branded internal digital signage network seeks to strengthen the company’s corporate communications through broadcast-quality news stories — allowing the organization to keep all staff members updated on company news and policies while fostering an organizational culture that values the effective flow of information across all members regardless of job function or location.

Featuring over 140 display screens, Lockheed Martin’s VNN features broadcast-quality stories centered on the philosophy of using extensive video, motion graphics, and animation while minimizing the use of text. The network features both local information specific to each facility as well as company-wide information, all centrally produced and scheduled from the Fort Worth location. Driven by X2O Media’s HTML5-based X2O platform, content producers are able to create, edit, and publish dynamic content easily featuring HD video, still images, slick animations, PowerPoint® slides, and more to any screen.