Case Study: CONSOL TV: Beyond Industrial Safety Messages

CONSOL Energy (NYSE: CNX), a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, has been producing coal in the United States since 1864. Today the company employs nearly 8,000 people in six States and has expanded its operations to include gas production and other services. CONSOL conducts research and development for innovative ways to improve mine safety and they decided to implement a digital signage network to reinforce safety messages.

The Challenge

Initially, the company envisioned implementing an in-house digital signage channel to reinforce safety messages, but working with systems integrator Community Networks, executives soon recognized the potential to do much more. The digital signage solution created by X2O Media and Community Networks uses the flagship Xpresenter(TM) platform to deliver CONSOL TV, a professional and polished corporate communications channel.

The Details

Implemented in several phases, the CONSOL TV system today consists of 255 digital signage screens situated in lunchrooms and other areas where employees congregate at the company’s facilities in Minnesota, Wyoming, Colorado, and West Virginia. Besides delivering compelling and memorable information on the life-and-death importance of safety precautions, the digital screens offer up everything from trivia games to a diverse array of company information presented with video and graphics such as company policies, benefits and health care information, job openings, and legislation relating to the environment and the industry.

The Xpresenter platform can also target specific geographical regions with local information such as weather forecasts or local news, in addition to enabling operators to send vital real-time messages or emergency alerts to any or all screens.

X2O’s Creative Services team used CONSOL’s existing branding elements to create a unique look-and-feel for CONSOL TV, creating professional graphics for the internal channel that reflect CONSOL’s corporate identity and make the information displayed easy to read.

More than Safety

CONSOL’s executives are taking advantage of this new internal communication network to deliver corporate messages in a more personal and timely fashion. Employees appreciate ready access to the useful information that’s presented on the broadcast-quality screens in an entertaining way. CONSOL TV has exceeded expectations and has become an excellent communication vehicle appreciated by everyone at CONSOL.

CONSOL TV: Beyond Industrial Safety Messages (PDF – 0.9Mb)