Case Study: Dubai Mall: World’s Largest Shopping Mall


At 12 million square feet, the dazzling Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall – and a wonder to behold. With its 1,200 shops, fashion catwalk atrium, an aquarium with 33,000 animals, Olympic-sized ice rink, 22-screen Cineplex, SEGA theme park, and children’s play zone, the Dubai Mall had epic requirements for digital signage. The mall required a digital signage platform that could stream high-impact HD video content to eight different areas throughout the property, accommodating a wide variety of screen sizes and shapes.  For the solution, the Dubai Mall chose X2O Media’s Xpresenter™ digital signage platform. Xpresenter drives eight channels of digital signage content — one for each venue — giving shoppers instant access to directory information, notices of upcoming events and special announcements, calls to prayer, and rotating advertising campaigns.


With 1,200 shops and a myriad of attractions, it can be a challenge for visitors to the Dubai Mall to find exactly what they’re looking for. The mall’s digital display network helps them navigate the massive building with directory information, while providing announcements of upcoming events at the mall’s atrium, ice rink, and other areas. This information is combined with advertising that is targeted to specific network sites. All of this is combined with call to prayer (CTP) notifications for mall guests four times a day.

Such a large and complex installation presented some very unique challenges — not the least of which is the sheer size of the sprawling installation with its atrium, ice rink, theme park and other areas. The Dubai Mall staff wanted to automate as much of the process as possible, while maintaining full control of the network and being able to override any action at any time.

The Mall staff needed to render and automatically distribute the correct version of the highest quality HD content, formatted to accommodate the different shapes and the various sizes of screens in multiple areas, and  they needed  to automatically pre-empt content four times a day during business hours, to deliver a CTP notification, established every day by the Dubai government.

X2O in Action

Working with systems integration firm AVI-SPL, X2O Media delivered a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform for the installation.  X2O’s Xpresenter provides a browser-based  portal for campaign management that automatically generates playlists based on advertising campaign requirements, combining advertising content with other videos and distributing the playlists to players at up to eight display areas, each with multiple screens. Most importantly, intelligence built into the playlist templates ensures that the correctly formatted video will play at a given site, and at the scheduled time and frequency. If this had to be performed manually, it would take a significant amount of time and effort.

Xpresenter also integrates directly with the Dubai government’s CTP notification system to automatically override both audio and video currently running and replaces it with an appropriate image and the external audio feed.  Since the exact timing of each prayer time varies from day to day, the automated system ensures that the CTP occurs at the correct time at every period without any staff intervention.

Incredible Displays for an Incredible Mall

X2O Media was instrumental in creating a digital signage network that perfectly matches the Dubai Mall’s unique needs while minimizing staff workload. With the browser-based X2O Portal, users don’t need to spend valuable time formatting each content stream for screens of various shapes and sizes.  The X2O Portal automatically generates playlists for specific advertising campaigns and targets them to specific players and screens. The X2O approach results in a fully synchronized and polished approach to displaying content across all the wondrous areas of this truly impressive facility.