Case Study: Fredericton Convention Centre

Facility Displays and Wayfinders

Logo Fredericton Convention CentreFredericton is the capital of New Brunswick and home to Atlantic Canada’s newest meeting and convention facility, the Fredericton Convention Centre (FCC), which hosts hundreds of meetings on any given day.  When envisioning their touch-screen system, the FCC wanted a solution that would not only provide a “wow factor” for visitors, but also offer them a better experience in getting to meetings, taking advantage of the FCC’s many amenities and providing the latest event information.

In order to provide guests with timely information while keeping with Fredericton’s smart, innovative character, the FCC chose the X2O Xpresenter platform to power a state-of-the-art interactive digital signage network.  Each touch-screen enables guests to access information about scheduled events, facilities, and amenities via strategically located and vertically oriented 46-inch digital HD displays throughout the FCC.

Facility Displays and Wayfinders: Fredericton Convention CentreThe X2O platform drives an interactive wayfinder that offers not only an intuitive guide to events at the FCC, but also valuable traveler information through a real-time text ticker for news feeds, RSS feeds, or personalized messaging; a local area and attractions guide; and up-to-date weather and airlines data. A key feature for the FCC was the interactive wayfinder maps with start and end points and animated directional arrows that indicate each path.   Because Fredericton is a fully bilingual city, the system offers all of this information in a choice of French or English.

Xpresenter is also integrated with the FCC’s Event Management System  (EMS) to ensure that accurate event data is promptly displayed on the touch-screen, and that expired events are automatically taken off the screens,  without additional effort by FCC staff.  Finally, the X2O solution also enables the FCC to stream live video to the entire digital signage network.

The resulting network of touch screens throughout the FCC keeps guests informed while contributing to the modern,  tech-savvy character of the city of Fredericton.