Case Study: Hilton Bonaventure: High-Tech Hospitality

How do you stay relevant and hip, embrace the latest technologies, and do it all in a way that won’t break the bank? It’s a familiar challenge to lodging and conference facilities everywhere. The Hilton Bonaventure in downtown Montreal, Canada chose one solution: bright, new electronic signs that feature the latest in HD video, touch display, and X2O’s digital signage technology.

With the goal of creating new revenue streams and getting a facelift in the bargain, the hotel installed meeting room signs, interactive wayfinder displays in the lobby, and HD projection screens throughout its conference facilities. Powered by the award-winning Xpresenter(TM) digital signage platform, with on-site maintenance by PSAV, the new digital signage network sports many cutting-edge features, including advanced touch screen technology, live video feeds, and HD-quality video. Each of the displays has a variety of options for ad placement, providing a powerful sales tool for the hotel’s sales and marketing staff as well as clients, who can also receive a portion of the revenues through sales to their own sponsors.

Hotel guests can find their way to a conference room by using the interactive wayfinder maps. They’re also kept up to speed with current weather conditions, international news, stock market data, as well as flight schedules which are all updated automatically on the display screens thanks to Xpresenter’s smart template approach to content. All screens are remotely monitored by the powerful X2O Web Portal.

The signs are their own best sales tools, providing a visual feast for prospective corporate clients who arrive at the hotel for a site inspection. Sales and marketing personnel report that the information-rich signage has had a definite impact on its ability to sell and gives the hotel a brand personality that is modern, green, and technology-savvy.

The Hilton Bonaventure operates in an extremely competitive environment, with many showcase properties vying for conference business. Embracing the latest in digital signage technology has allowed the hotel to leapfrog past many of its competitors in terms of its image and market perception as a hip, forward-thinking brand.

Hilton Bonaventure: High-Tech Hospitality (PDF – 0.7Mb)