Case Study: IAC Wows Visitors and Engages Staff With a 20-Foot Video Wall

IAC LogoIAC, a leading media and Internet company, built a 10-foot by 20-foot video wall in its New York headquarters’ reception area. Designed to wow visitors and communicate dynamically with staff, the X2O-powered installation allows the company to use visual media to easily engage passersby. This can include anything from promoting onsite events, posting reminders for benefit enrollments, or sharing real-time status updates for public transportation or top stories from the news.

The video wall uses a channel-based approach that allows departments, such as Human Resources or Corporate Communications, to manage and post their own content directly to the wall. The content can be easily switched out for product launches, fashion shows, television/movie shoots, and company town hall meetings. By allowing live or programmed content updates to be made in-house, the installation’s visual communication software becomes the perfect counterpart to the massive video wall’s energy-saving hardware — meaning large, eye-catching content can also be efficient, easy to use, and simple to create.