Case Study: Montreal Canadiens: The Interactive Hockey Experience

The Montreal Canadiens hockey franchise was looking to enhance the in-game experience of their luxury suite holders and to make watching games in the suites a completely unique fan experience. Using an interactive touch screen application, hockey fans in luxury suites at the Bell Centre can call up any camera around the arena, dynamically switching between cameras as they watch the live game from the comfort of their suite. Fans can choose from a host of other interactive features including call up instant replays during the game, browse through player and team statistics, and even check the schedule for upcoming games — all with an easy-to-use touch screen interface.

Live Camera Angles

Hockey fans can quickly switch between any camera around the arena, greatly adding to the excitement of watching the game live. Cool angles like the “goalie cam” offer a unique perspective on in-game activity.

Touch Screen Interface

An extremely easy and fun-to-use touch screen graphical interface, allowing users to quickly navigate between screens and customize their viewing experience.

Game Replays

Viewers can watch replays on demand throughout the game, scrolling through each clip to review the action as much as they like.

Real-Time Statistics

Live video is combined with real-time stats for the current game and players, along with updated team standings and other statistics from around the league.

MontrealCanadiens: The Interactive Hockey Experience (PDF – 0.7Mb)