Case Study: Motorola: Innovation on Display

The Motorola Innovation Center in Schaumburg, Illinoisis a state-of-the-art facility that lets customers and partners learn more about Motorola’s current and future products.  As a “hands-on” learning facility, the Motorola Innovation Center was looking for an experience that was not only fully interactive and customized for each visitor, but truly conveyed Motorola’s vision of the future in an innovative and dazzling way.

Motorola Innovation CenterThe Motorola facility comprises 5 separate areas, each highlighting a technology offering from Motorola.  X2O was tapped to update the company showcase by adding more interactivity, updating the look and feel of the graphical elements and adding synchronization between and amongst the different areas in the Center.

The resulting experience is a visually appealing, fully synchronized, multi-screen experience in each of the 5 areas.  The Innovation Center provides visitors with a  dynamic, multi-sensory presentation that is completely tailored to their interests.  Each area has 5 synchronized display screens, and the 5 areas are themselves in turn synchronized.  When not active, the screens display a screen saver across multiple screens.  The X2O Xpresenter platform manages the various types of content on display which includes images, HD video and PowerPoint slides.

In addition, visitors can interact with the displays in each area at their own pace using an RFID interface – when “artifacts” equipped with RFID chips are placed on the RFID reader, it triggers a specific set of playlists to play on the digital displays.  The end result is a truly interactive and visually stunning experience that “wows” visitors and positions Motorola as a forward-looking, innovative technology leader.