Case Study: National Gallery of Canada Foundation

The National Gallery museum, located in Canada’s capital, is an important cultural institution and a popular destination for tourists and art devotees from around the world. In 2006, The National Gallery Foundation decided they wanted to recognize their many benefactors, in both English and French, in a way that mixed technology, art and interactivity.

The idea for an interactive donor wall came from our desire to recognize and engage our donors and patrons in an innovative and creative way,” explained Marie Claire Morin, President and CEO of the National Gallery of Canada Foundation. “We turned to X2O Media to develop a tool that would enable us to realize this ambitious project. They understood our specific needs while making the application user-friendly. The result is simply remarkable.”

X2O Media proposed a comprehensive solution that leveraged its Xpresenter(TM) software and X2O’s award-winning Creative Services team. Visitors to the National Gallery of Canada use a touch-screen kiosk to interact with a large plasma monitor displaying hundreds of patrons’ names. These names are paired with content rich information including video and still examples of the exhibitions and projects that their financial contributions made possible.

X2O’s Creative Services team had the daunting challenge of coming up with a design and information layout that was worthy of being located next to priceless works of art. X2O’s design team met the challenge by taking advantage of the unique architectural character of the National Gallery structure and creating an iconic 3D representation of the building. By laying out the presentation on this premise, X2O was able to ensure that the look and feel was absolutely compatible with the gallery space and would stand the test of time.

X2O’s Xpresenter suite allowed the project team to overcome the technical challenges of building a complex, multi-faceted presentation. Xpresenter’s authoring tool, Template Maker, combines a Microsoft® PowerPoint®-based interface for authoring content with a broadcast graphics rendering engine for video output. This combination produces exceptional quality images that surpass all expectations.

X2O’s smart template technology was used to allow gallery staff to quickly add new contributors to the donor board and for new visual examples of gallery activities to be included in the presentation. The National Gallery was also able to use Xpresenter to generate an on-going news and information crawl that displayed upcoming exhibitions and information about donating to the gallery. Finally it enabled the integration of a touch-screen that interacts with the display screen. The resulting two-screen application allows visitors to fully interact with the screen, providing a truly personalized experience.

The National Gallery’s interactive donor wall has become an important story-telling tool that not only acknowledges financial contributions from patrons, but also uses multimedia to explain the vital role the gallery plays in educating, preserving and promoting art in Canada.

National Gallery of Canada Foundation (PDF – 0.9Mb)