Case Study: SABEResPODER: Power to the Viewers

SABEResPODER translates to “knowledge is power” and that’s exactly what this digital signage network aims to accomplish.

Using X2O Media’s Xpresenter(TM) software platform, the video-rich network’s objective is to educate and empower Spanish-speaking newcomers to the US by providing them with practical information to become informed, confident, and active participants in American society.

With installations in 40 locations across the US, it was imperative that the digital signage solution powering SABEResPODER’s Video Network offer a number of advanced features for multi-site networks, including:

  • the ability to target relevant content to one screen or a group of screens across the network;
  • easily and efficiently incorporate branding elements with informational content;
  • free facility staff from having to create content; and
  • automate functions of the network, such as turning the screens on and off.

To meet these needs, SABEResPODER chose Xpresenter.

Highly customized content

X2O Media’s Xpresenter platform enabled SABEResPODER to design compelling digital signage content that combines educational videos with a text crawl that is continually updated with useful information customized for each location. Xpresenter Content Manager lets users manage all aspects of content playout, including building playlists, updating template information, and content delivery to any player or group of players on the network. This allows SABEResPODER to target relevant content to each specific facility, and frees up staff at the location from having to create their own content. Web Control Screens provide a simplified and interactive approach for day-to-day management of content. Easy-to-use Web pages provide users with a form-based interface for updating specific areas on the screen with point-and-click simplicity, enabling SABEResPODER to update on-screen content at any location in real time.

Integrated queuing

In addition, the Video Network integrates a unique queuing system for high-volume offices which replaces separate LED screens or attendants having to call out the number of the next client to be served. Instead, the number of the next-in-line client, along with the service requested and the counter to go to, appear on the Video Network screen along with the current video presentation – keeping the viewer’s attention focused on the program until his or her number is called.

Brand replacement

The SABEResPODER Video Network offers a highly attractive means for corporate sponsors to connect in a meaningful way with one of the fastest- growing demographics in the US: Hispanic consumers. With Xpresenter,

SABEResPODER is able to easily integrate sponsor logos, calls to action, and other brand placements with the informational content. By tying promotions and product redemptions into relevant content, such as how to open a bank account or apply for a mortgage, sponsors are able to generate brand loyalty in the community.

Complete remote control

With Xpresenter Remote Manager, SABEResPODER can manage content and monitor the network status across all 40 locations. If a problem should occur on any player, the company can take corrective action before viewers even notice. Remote Manager also allows SABEResPODER to send control commands to one or more locations for automating tasks such as turning screens on and off.

SABEResPODER: Power to the Viewers (PDF – 0.9Mb)