Case Study: Specialty Fertilizer Products (SFP): Corporate Branding Solution

Specialty Fertilizer Products (SFP), a research and development company devoted to solving agriculture’s long-standing fertilizing challenges, installed the Xpresenter(TM) digital signage platform as a corporate branding tool in its newly constructed Kansas facility.

Having outgrown its previous facility, SFP began construction on a new 13,000-square-foot headquarters in Leawood, Kansas. As part of the construction, SFP wanted to include a digital signage system to be used as a tool to market its brand to customers and dealers visiting the new headquarters. Working with Professional Video Supply, Inc., a Kansas-based integrator of professional video and audio equipment, X2O deployed a company-wide signage network based on the Xpresenter(TM) platform.

The building-wide deployment features a number of flat-screen displays, including an impressive 108-inch Sharp LCD in the boardroom — the largest display in the world and the first display of this size installed in the Midwest. Xpresenter’s broadcast-quality Player delivers the pixel-perfect graphics and video SFP was looking for – in 1080p HD.

Visitors to SFP’s headquarters are able to view information on the company and its products, as well as view real customer testimonials. This often triggers questions from customers who may not be aware of all the different types of products SFP offers. Additional content ranges from live video to still images. For example, the company can show clients a segment on SFP’s sponsorship of a particular race car, or highlight other upcoming company events. All of this content is scheduled and distributed by SFP staff utilizing Xpresenter tools to create and distribute marketing content to these displays in HD over Cat-6. The screens also feature live data feeds that update automatically.

“Xpresenter provides us with a valuable marketing tool. Acting as a first-impression device, it allows us to greet visitors with information on our company and products, while distributing that same content throughout our facility,” said Jake Sanders, Vice President of Market Development at SFP. “With Xpresenter, our content can be anything from live feeds to video and image files. X2O developed all of our initial content, and since then it has been simple to use Template Maker to continue developing content ourselves.”

SPECIALTY FERTILIZER PRODUCTS: Corporate Branding Solution (PDF – 0.6Mb)