Case Study: Centre Sheraton Montréal Hotel: Hospitality with High-Tech Flair

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Le Centre Sheraton Montréal boasts more than 51,000 square feet of meeting space to host events of virtually any size. To provide guests with up-to-date information on events and help guide them to their meeting rooms, the hotel decided to include an extensive digital signage network as a highlight of a $40 million renovation project.  To realize its goals, the Sheraton Montréal installed a digital signage network powered by X2O’s Xpresenter(TM) solution, with help from partner Audio Visual Source (AVS).

For the extensive network, AVS installed twenty-seven 19″ meeting room displays, in addition to thirteen 46″ readerboards and five 46″ interactive wayfinder touch-screens in the hotel’s lobby and strategic locations on every meeting room floor. The meeting room displays offer guests current and upcoming event information, in addition to live news feeds. The readerboards can offer event information only, or a combination of events info with media enhancements such as photos or PowerPoint® presentations, or even a full-screen map with 3D animations. A playlist cycles back and forth between events and the full-screen map to provide wayfinding capabilities. The Sheraton Montréal’s interactive wayfinding displays feature maps that highlight daily events, a digital concierge, and user-selectable news, sports scores, flight information, and more. All displays feature dedicated space for advertising.

“Our renovation was completed in December 2011, and our digital signage network has proven to be a very popular new addition,” said Marie-Andrée Beaudoin, director of sales and marketing for Le Centre Sheraton Montréal. “Not only does it serve as a valuable resource to direct visitors to their meetings, but it provides local information and concierge service to leisure travelers as well. We have received very positive feedback from both groups, in addition to our sales and catering team, who find Xpresenter extremely easy to use.”

When it came to selecting a digital signage platform to power the numerous displays, the Sheraton Montréal required a flexible solution with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that would make updating content a simple process.

To accomplish this, the Xpresenter platform is tightly integrated with the hotel’s event management system. This saves significant time for hotel staff by automatically updating event information on displays in real-time, while ensuring accuracy by eliminating typos or errors made when re-entering information. In addition, content can be customized automatically based on event schedules. For example, the hotel’s sales and catering team can upload client assets — such as images and event schedules — weeks in advance, and have them automatically appear when the group is onsite. With the web-based X2O Portal, the Sheraton Montréal’s staff can manage content at any time on any Internet-enabled device — including smart phones and tablets.

Montréal is a French-speaking city, and therefore all content on the displays is available in both French and English. With X2O’s “smart” template approach, the same templates are used in both languages with simple changes to the text portions of the template. This keeps the duplication work to a minimum while ensuring consistency between the two languages. Users can quickly toggle between the content on screen in French and English.

The newly revitalized and transformed Sheraton Montréal Hotel is ready to greet leisure travelers and business professionals with the latest comforts as well as award-winning technology for a comfortable and productive visit.

Centre Sheraton Montréal Hotel: Hospitality with High-Tech Flair (PDF – 1.3Mb)