Case Study: St. Louis Rams: Internal Communications

Internal Communications St- Louis RamsThe St. Louis Rams recently gave their 9,000-square-foot training facility and office complex in Earth City, Mo. a technology makeover, including a facility-wide digital signage network, bringing the organization to the cutting edge of IT and A/V technology.

The digital signage network at the Russell Training Center required two discrete content zones: one for publicly displayed signage, offering information on the team for facility visitors and one strictly for players and coaches to keep them up to date on scheduled activities in real time. In addition, the Rams organization wanted the ability to easily create its own broadcast-quality content. To meet the Rams’ requirements, the X2O Media Xpresenter digital signage platform was selected and installed by Missouri-based integrator TSI Global.

Internal Communications St Louis Rams Content at the Rams’ facility is displayed on Sony 42-inch and 52-inch LCD screens located at 20 locations. In the public area, content includes Rams video, local weather, special announcements, as well as customized greetings for VIP visitors.

On the internal side of the network, Xpresenter is synched with facility scheduling programs. The training schedules for the day, in addition to other agenda items, are posted on the signs, and change automatically throughout the day. The Rams create content themselves, incorporating virtually any content source, including RSS feeds, HD video, facility scheduling software, and more. Using the browser-based X2O Portal, which incorporates different security levels for users, the content can easily be scheduled to play out in broadcast quality.

“Our new digital signage network has proven to be a popular addition to our training facility,” said Larry Clerico, video director for the Rams. “Not only does it provide a more exciting experience for facility visitors, but coaches and players have come to rely on it as a valuable tool in managing their day-to-day training schedules.”