Improving Engagement in the Digital Workplace


The Express Scripts Lab, located in St. Louis, Missouri, serves a dual purpose: It’s the hub of the pharmaceutical benefit manager’s unique approach to research and development, as well as a destination for interactive client visits and workshops. Presentation and collaborations areas have been redesigned throughout this facility, with access to the some of the latest AV technology including projection, data-rich analytic displays, and vast video walls. Created with maximum flexibility in mind, users can host any kind of communication, from engaging and productive collaborative conferences, to private discussions, and even large informal work sessions.

Developed by Clickspring Design with audiovisual collaborative initiatives engineered and integrated by McCann Systems, the experiential space is designed to increase collaboration and engagement, accelerate innovation, and enhance patient care. A key component of achieving this goal is the X2O visual communications platform, which is at the heart of the new workspace and experience center.

The facility features four separate interactive areas and six conferencing spaces. The spaces consist of a 2×2 video wall made up of touch-enabled 46-inch displays as well as a video conferencing system and a 1×2 video wall using 46-inch LCD’s displaying interactive X2O channels. The X2O platform enables a wide variety of content sources to be aggregated and play out seamlessly on these displays, including social media, healthcare reform stats, data from Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint. This content is easily and quickly updated on a weekly basis through the X2O cloud-based portal.

In the Advanced Research & Analytics Department, a large recessed 4×4 video wall greets guests and employees, playing customized channels of healthcare news, geomaps, and customer satisfaction-related statistical information — all driven by X2O. The X2O platform makes it possible to consolidate many different sources of information and present it within a unified, branded channel. The X2O platform also enables the company to centrally manage what content appears on each video wall. This gives the content manager the ability to easily customize what’s on the screen depending on what groups of visitors may be present at any given time.

The Express Scripts Lab is not only an elegant and sophisticated display of architecture and technology, it is an efficient and engaging workplace of the future as well as a facility where, with with a sophisticated presentation and visual communications platform, visitors have a fully immersive learning and testing opportunity. They can see, hear, and interact with content built to discover more about behavioral science.