Viacom Flaunts its Technology Roots with X2O

Viacom Video Wall 2Home to the world’s preeminent entertainment brands, Viacom’s corporate headquarters in New York City’s Times Square is host to thousands of visitors each day.

The fast-paced, cutting-edge tenor of the brand is immediately established with dynamic custom content splashed across two larger than life 4×4 videowalls in the lobby which were designed and integrated by McCann Systems. The X2O visual communications platform drives content to each display enabling individual playout or operation in a hybrid mode. The digital displays can work in tandem for larger combined imagery. In addition, within the glass-enclosed space overlooking the heart of New York City, LED blades are suspended from a track that seamlessly edges two of the perimeter walls.

The X2O platform is able to scale content without loss of quality to accommodate the various screen sizes present throughout the facility, letting Viacom repurpose its channels without having to create different ones for different screen configurations. X2O also enables a frame-synching mechanism whereby all screens throughout the lobby can display simultaneous content and even have material seamlessly flow from one video wall to another.

To facilitate the complex content workflow, digital assets are tagged and scheduled using automatically-generated playlists. The alternative manual process for building complex playlists can be quite lengthy and time-consuming, making fresh content a challenge. As a result of the automated process, a minimum number of staff are available to manage the content on a daily basis. Using a mobile device, the X2O platform also enables a quick override mechanism such that welcome messages or alternative content can instantly appear on the screens depending on which visitors may be showing up at any given time.

Finally, content can dynamically respond and adapt to real-world events such as weather and internal company poll results, displaying specific video clips and background elements automatically according to these conditions.