Setup and Support

How do I set up a X2O Media Player?

You can find step-by-step instructions to setup the hardware in the X2O Meeting Room Sign – Hardware Setup Guide. To setup the content for the X2O Room Scheduling solution, refer to the X2O Meeting Room Sign – Software Setup Guide.

Who do I contact for support?

You can get support for X2O Media Players through your regular X2O Media support channels. Visit https://www.x2omedia.com/support for more information.


How much space is there for content on this Meeting Room Sign?

Approximately 5 GB free for content.

Hardening and Security

Should I enable Android Update?

Unlike most consumer Android devices, the Android OS on the X2O Meeting Room Sign devices is locked down and updates are only provided through X2O Media if needed. So, there is no automatic update of the OS. This allows the device to be more stable and avoids the following:

  • Install updates which are not beneficial to the X2O Meeting Room Sign solution and could even have negative effect on system behavior.
  • If really needed, the administrator will want to control the timing of the bandwidth and the system restart that is needed.

Should I enable anti-virus?

As configured, X2O Meeting Room Signs do not have any antivirus or antimalware software enabled. Because the threat model of this type of device is very different than a device used to access arbitrary web sites and documents, this is often the most appropriate choice, with antivirus and antimalware in place instead at the point of entry.

Should circumstances or policy dictate that antivirus software be used, a duly-licensed solution can be installed and enabled prior to deployment. Note that the X2O Meeting Room Sign does not provide access to the Google Play Store so any app install would have to be done manually. Considerations include:

  • Antivirus software can impact system stability. Since antivirus software has to interact deeply with the operating system, X2O has occasionally seen a negative impact on system stability when antivirus is enabled.
  • Similarly, antivirus software can impact system performance.
  • Antivirus software generally receives frequent updates to the patterns it searches for. You need to plan a strategy for automatic or manual updating.

When adding or updating antivirus software, it is recommended you perform testing for stability and performance to ensure no negative effects. In addition, it is recommended to schedule nightly or weekly restarts of the X2O Media Player in order to help preserve stability.

Remote Access

How can I remotely access a player?

You can manage the X2O Meeting Room Sign with X2O Remote Manager which is a Windows desktop application providing remote connectivity, monitoring, and maintenance for X2O devices. It also has the ability to show a thumbnail of what is currently playing, verify the content on the sign, browse its hard drive, access logs, and many other functions. It is the best option to monitor and perform tasks on the sign as it allows restarting the player software. Note that the X2O Signage app must be running for the Remote Manager to connect to the sign. You will need to buy a license to install the Remote Manager application. If you need such access, please contact your X2O sales representative.


Why is my sign displaying a black screen?

If you don’t see anything on your Sign and you have power going to it, the best solution is to power the device down and restart it.

Why is my sign displaying a black screen with a small X2O logo in the center?

This indicates that the sign is ready but no content has been assigned to it. In order to have content assigned, you need to select the layout you want to use in the Player Configuration app of the X2O Portal.

Reset player to factory defaults (AC adapter is required)

If modifying settings cause unintended results or if you have forgotten your password, please reset the player. Local contents will also be removed.

  1. Press and hold the reset button with a pen.
  2. Use AC adapter, re-connect the power cord while holding reset button.
  3. Wait until the power LED flashes, release reset button and wait for system to initialize to factory default state.