Hardware Setup Guide

X2O Meeting Room Sign

Setup Guide (Hardware)

This document provides instructions for setting up the X2O Meeting Room Sign hardware.


The X2O Meeting Room Sign is a dedicated device that combines carefully designed hardware, optimally configured system software, and X2O digital signage player software to deliver high-quality 24x7 playback in a robust and security-hardened environment. This X2O-ready system is built using the Android operating system. While the system is already set up for reliability, performance, and security, additional configuration steps must be followed to complete the setup and preserve reliability and security.

Notable Hardware Features

In addition to a robust design and architecture, the X2O Meeting Room Sign comes with specific hardware features to support successful deployments.

Flexible Mounting Options

The housing is built to be mounted on a wall or be set on a table with the included table stand. When mounting on a wall, you have three options:
  • Using the back cover to mount the device
  • Using a VESA mount (MIS-D75)
  • Glass Mount
More details are provided in the "Setting Up the X2O Meeting Room Sign" section.

Built-In Status Lights

The device has LED bars on each side, allowing to easily know from a distance if the room is occupied or free. It will also show if there is a scheduled meeting pending check-in, in which case there is a potential that the room will be free if no one checks in.

Hardware Overview

Box Contents

Features & Port Connections

Front View

Rear View

Remote Access and Maintenance

X2O Remote Manager

The X2O Remote Manager is a Windows desktop application which provides remote connectivity, monitoring, and maintenance for the X2O Meeting Room Sign and any X2O Media Players. It also has the ability to show a thumbnail of what is currently playing, verify the content on the player, browse its storage, download files, access logs, and many other functions. It is the best option to monitor and perform tasks on the player as it allows rebooting of the whole device or just restarting the player software. Note that the player software must be running for the Remote Manager to connect to the device. Unless you have an on-premise X2O Server installation where a copy of the Remote Manager runs, or you already have a license to run it on separate Windows PC, you will need to buy a license to install the Remote Manager application. If you need such access, please contact your X2O sales representative.

Setting Up the X2O Meeting Room Sign

  1. Unpack and Inspect the X2O Meeting Room Sign
  2. When you receive your X2O Meeting Room Sign, inspect it carefully for damage that may have occurred during shipping.
  1. Connect the Meeting Room Sign
    1. There are two options to allow the user to interact with the Meeting Room Sign to perform the steps in the "Configuring the X2O Meeting Room Sign" section.
      1. Use the touch screen and on-screen keyboard.
      2. Plug a USB keyboard and mouse into open USB ports on the unit.
    2. If using wired networking, plug a network cable into the RJ-45 jack on the unit.
    3. If the power is not provided by the network cable (not cabled or network connection does not support PoE), plug the power cord into the power connector on the unit. Plug the other end of the power cord into a suitable 120V or 240V electrical outlet.

  2. Once power is applied, the device will start and bring you to the X2O Player Activation screen. The "Configuring the X2O Meeting Room Sign" section explains how to configure the player.
  1. Secure the connections (optional)
  2. Before mounting the device, you might want to secure the connection with the provided brackets.
    1. Power bracket
    2. If you use the power cord to get power to the device, you can install the corresponding bracket.
    1. SD Card bracket
    2. In the unlikely situation where you inserted an SD card, you can secure this card.
      Note that the X2O Meeting Room Sign solution does not use the SD Card.
  1. Mount the Meeting Room Sign
  2. There are a few mounting options for the device.

    1. VESA mount
    2. Supporting VESA standard: VESA MIS-D75 (75*75mm)
      Supporting screw: M4*4mm (exclude the mounting plate thickness)
    1. Using the back cover (power / SD card brackets MUST NOT be installed when using the back cover)
    1. Glass mount
    2. Use 3M VHB™ Industrial Heavy Duty Mounting Tape (90mm x 70mm)
    1. Using the table stand

Configuring the X2O Meeting Room Sign

Note: Steps 1 to 9 are optional. If you don't want to change any of these Android settings (time zone, device name, etc.), you can go directly to the "X2O Meeting Room Sign Activation" section.
  1. Go to the Basic Settings menu to perform some basic configuration
  2. The X2O Activation screen appears on first boot, but you can pause the launch of the X2O software by clicking the Pause button:
    If you did not stop the launch and reached the X2O Activation screen, you can draw an uppercase "E" in the top-left corner of screen to leave the X2O Player software and return to the device Basic Settings page.
    Note that exiting the X2O Activation screen might trigger the player self-healing, which will present the circular Pause button again. Make sure to click Pause to access the X2O Activation screen again. This is the Basic Settings page where you can perform the device configuration.
  1. Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
  2. If using wireless networking, follow these steps to connect the Player to a secure Wi-Fi network:

    1. Click on Wireless LAN on the Basic Settings
    2. Click the toggle switch in the upper-right corner to turn Wi-Fi on and show the list of available networks.
    3. Select your Wi-Fi network from the list.
    4. If the network is secured, enter the network security key provided by your IT department and click Connect.

  1. Set Time and Time Zone
  2. By default, the X2O Meeting Room Sign is pre-configured to use the time and time zone of the network it is connected to. Complete these steps if you want to set different values:

    1. Click Time Zone on the Basic Settings
    2. Change the time-related settings as needed.
    3. Players automatically adjust to Daylight Saving Time according to the rules contained within the operating system.

  1. Click Advanced to access the Advanced Settings menu and perform additional configuration.
    This is the Advanced Settings menu.
  1. Change Proxy settings
  2. If you need to change the Proxy settings, simply click on Network > Global Proxy in the Advanced Settings menu.

  1. Set Device Name
  2. The X2O Meeting Room Sign is assigned a default name. If you want to assign a different device name to make it easier to identify specific players on your network, do the following:

    1. From the Advanced Settings menu, click Access > Player Name.
    2. Enter the Name and click Set.
  1. Set a password to protect the device

  2. Proper security practice suggests that you set your own strong passwords before deploying. This prevents any unauthorized changes to be performed on the device. To set a password, click on Access > Security, enter the Password and click Set. Setting up a password may limit your ability to remotely administer the device. For example, when you set a password, it is not possible to remotely reboot the device. But you should be able to do any type of command executed by the X2O Player software like restarting the player, pushing content, getting screen shots, etc. Once you set up a password, you will need to provide it every time you want to go to the Settings pages. A factory reset is required if you forget the password, which will erase all the content from the device.

  1. Accessing more Android settings
  2. If you need to adjust more settings or get to the app launcher, click the lower-right corner of the Advanced Settings menu three times.

  1. If you are done with the configuration changes, click Play (in the Basic Settings or Advanced Settings page)
  2. This will start the X2O Player software. The Activation screen appears, and you can proceed with the Player Activation.

X2O Meeting Room Sign Activation

The Activation screen appears at first start up and upon subsequent reboots as long as the X2O Meeting Room Sign is not activated. To activate the X2O Meeting Room Sign follow these steps:
  1. Note the Player ID that is shown on the Activation You can right-click the Player ID and select Copy to clipboard from the context menu.
  2. The X2O Meeting Room Sign is configured to connect to the standard X2O Cloud instance. If this is where you want to connect, go to step 3. Otherwise, perform the following steps to connect to a different on-premises X2O Server:
    1. Click the Settings cogwheel icon on the lower-right of the Activation
    2. Enter the X2O Server address or DNS name you need to connect to.
    3. You can test the connection to make sure the sign has access to this server.
    4. Click the device back button to return to the Activation
    5. In a Web browser, navigate to the X2O Portal and enter your X2O Portal credentials to sign in.
    6. Skip step 3 and go to step 4.
  3. In a Web browser, navigate to x2ocloud.com and enter your X2O Portal credentials to sign in.
  4. Refer to the X2O Room Scheduling Setup Guide to finalize the connection and configuration of your sign. Specifically, you need to perform the following steps:
    1. Player Activation to connect the sign to the proper network on the server.
    2. Player Properties to provide the specific identification for that sign (room name and email address).
  5. Once the sign is activated, it will begin the content synchronization. This process can take a few minutes, depending on the amount of content being synchronized from the X2O Server. The Activation screen informs you of the synchronization progress.
  6. Once synchronization is complete, the player will automatically start and the selected layout for the room scheduling is shown.
Note: The player displays a small X2O logo on a black background if no content is configured for this network. This means that the X2O Meeting Room Sign is ready to be sent content. Refer to the X2O Room Scheduling Setup Guide for instructions on how to configure the content for your sign. Important: It is recommended to set up a daily reboot of the sign outside of working hours. This will ensure that the content always runs smoothly. This can be scheduled as a recurring event in the Schedule Manager of the X2O Portal.


Follow these steps if you need to go back to the Android settings after the device was successfully activated:
  1. Restart the X2O Meeting Room Sign.
  2. Click Stop Launch when the Activation screen shows the countdown.
  1. From the Activation screen, you can change the player settings, or you can draw an uppercase "E" in the top-left corner of the screen to close the X2O Player
Note: If you configured a device password, you will be required to enter the password to go back to the Settings page.

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