Patients, medical staff and administrators all benefit from visual communications that serves to enrich the overall facility visit and track outcomes.

As a sector fraught with multiple stakeholders, budget pressures and subject to dramatic demographic shifts, healthcare requires robust communications solutions that continually educate, clarify and promote efficiencies. The X2O platform provides opportunities to create media-rich channels that play an important role in improving patient satisfaction while providing front line staff with key metrics and insights.


See how Park Nicollet implemented visual communications on campus.

See how Park Nicollet implemented visual communications on campus.

Use Cases

Patient Communications

The X2O platform helps educate and inform patients with highly targeted channels that enhance a patient’s visit in any healthcare facility.

  • Welcome and greet patients, visitors and staff.  Post clinic hours, staff profiles and informative video clips.
  • Educate patients on the procedure they are about to undergo with informative videos on interactive digital displays, tablets or other device.
  • Hospital staff can track viewership with reports on who watched what videos.
  • Extend content directly to patient’s rooms and on to their mobile devices.
Digital Wayfinders

The X2O platform powers interactive digital wayfinders for healthcare campuses.

  • Reduce anxiety and make it easy for patients to find their way through your medical campus.
  • X2O easily integrates 3D mapping, live data feeds and video content.
  • Augment the wayfinding campus maps with directions on popular destinations like cafés and gift shops on campus.
  • Increase revenue by advertising local services and businesses.
Donor Walls

Recognize and thank the generosity of donors on an interactive Donor Wall.

  • Create an impressive donor video wall of any size powered by the X2O platform.
  • Encourage donations by displaying information on donations.
  • Highlight special patrons or events with impressive video and graphic content.
  • Promote community outreach and involvement.
Staff Communications

Keep staff informed with important messages, shift schedules and training.

  • Build highly targeted channels that provide staff with essential training videos and materials.
  • Train employees on latest health and safety messages using HD video tutorials.
  • Display reservations in hallways and outside meeting rooms with digital displays.
Emergency Alerts

Send messages and emergency alerts in real time to one area or an entire building.

  • Security personnel can quickly take control of digital displays and desktops to send real-time emergency alerts and notifications.
  • Target messages to patients and employees in one specific area, one building or an entire campus.


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