Having the ability to cut through communication clutter across a large, diverse corporate enterprise and make a significant impact on stakeholders is absolutely essential.

The X2O platform provides anyone within the enterprise the ability to quickly create, distribute and share media and data rich content channels that deliver essential business information. Channels can be targeted at specific individuals, departments or geographies opening up the possibility to interact or collaborate. These channels can reach stakeholders anywhere, on any device creating exciting new communications opportunities that keep step with the ever-evolving workplace.

Add visual communications throughout the enterprise



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Use Cases

Internal Comms

Create stunning visual channels that inform and engage employees with no programming.

  • Inform.  Quickly build company news channels that inform employees and relay important messages.  Send messages to employees without access to a computer –  publish messages and channels it to digital signage displays, tablets and smart phones.
  • Train better.  Use HD videos on interactive kiosks to train employees and track progress.
  • Real-time alerting.  Send messages and alerts to employees in real time in the event of an emergency.
  • Impress.  Welcome employees and visitors with stunning dynamic lobby video walls.

Deliver real-time visual communications to the right audience, at the right time.

  • Cut thru the clutter.  Create dynamic channels and distribute them to employee desktops in one department or throughout the company.
  • Actionable data.  Link channels to internal and external data sources with no programming and watch them automatically update with the most recent information.
  • Extend messaging to those without a desktop.  View those same channels on digital signage displays and video walls.
  • Collaborate.  Add an option to collaborate in a shared virtual workspace online— enabling document and desktop sharing, video conversations, and live polling participation.

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With the increased use of tablets and smart phones and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work trend showing no sign of slowing, the need to extend data and information to these devices has become a requirement.

  • Bite-sized mobile apps.  Use the X2O platform to quickly create enterprise-class channels of content that can be published to numerous screens, including tablets and mobile phones.
  • IT not required.  With drag-and-drop channel authoring tools and integration with back-end enterprise systems, non-programmers can create powerful channels such as company news channels, dashboard channels, employee training channels and more.
  • One platform.  Keep your training costs down and reduce learning curves by using one platform for all of your digital workplace needs.

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Experience Centers

Wow your visitors and prospects with the latest in visual communications.

  • Demonstrate your latest products and services and create a lasting impression with impressive 3D graphics and innovative interactivity.
  • Stimulate business discussions, knowledge-sharing and ultimately close new sales with innovative demonstrations of your solutions and accomplishments.

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Social Media

Visualize social media site content and social media analytics on any screen.

  • Display.  Tweets, Facebook wall posts, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and more can be summarized and viewed on digital signage displays and video walls.
  • Share.  Follow and share employee-generated news.
  • Monitor and respond.  Monitor social media news, analytics and trending topics with an eye-catching social media video wall and take action when required.

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