In manufacturing, measuring, sharing, and analyzing performance metrics is the cornerstone of a profitable enterprise.

When a manufacturer needs to know which part of the process is efficient and which is not, the answer lies in the data. The X2O platform visualizes real-time data and other contextual content providing manufacturers with concise dashboarding solutions that deliver perspective and substance to productivity, inventory, supply-chain and other key performance indicators.


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Use Cases

Employee Communications

Get key messages across to all employees on digital displays, desktops and smart phones

  • Quickly build company news channels that inform employees and relay important messages.
  • Inform employees without access to a computer; extend the reach of real-time production data by publishing it to digital displays, tablets and smart phones.
  • Display more impactful safety messages using videos and graphics.
  • Use digital wayfinding screens to help find way around plant, track down inventory.
  • Alert one section or the entire floor in real time in the event of an emergency.
  • Train employees using HD video tutorials and display health safety
Production Line Dashboards

Communicate production metrics and data

  • Monitor specific areas of the production process with clear, easy to understand graphics ensuring that the entire team is aware of production challenges, targets and deadlines.
  • Create and distribute impactful productivity dashboards to any display utilizing real-time data from SAP, SharePoint, Excel or other production data sources.
  • Display data from the Internet of Things sources.
  • Quickly build custom content channels made up of specific data focusing on business processes such as inventory management, materials management, and quality control.
Management Dashboards

Communicate KPIs and metrics to executives in real time

  • Leverage data from SharePoint and other sources to launch real-time productivity dashboards.
  • Ensure that key business intelligence is shared with key decision makers across the entire organization.
  • Create financial dashboards for executives with real-time updates to KPIs and other metrics.

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