The way we work has fundamentally changed.

Smartphones, tablets, ubiquitous WiFi access and other technology enablers have created the ability to literally work from anywhere, greatly extending the time and places we work.  Today’s workforce is more in tune with emerging technologies than ever and as a result, employees expect to be able to work and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

The Connected Enterprise

X2O has embraced the new way to work – the latest X2O platform empowers all employees with tools to create visual communication channels linked to real-time information sources and push them to the right person, on the right screen, at the right time.

Designed from the ground up using HTML5, the X2O software platform lets users can create and push dynamic channels to the most appropriate screen, in real time, all without having to call IT.

Learn more about how X2O is empowering the connected enterprise

Learn more about how X2O is empowering the connected enterprise

X2O Desktop

The X2O platform lets users create and push dynamic channels to any desktop PC or laptop.  Employees can quickly and easily view and interact with real-time X2O channels.  In addition, users can share those channels and collaborate with other employees all from their desktops.

Break through the email clutter and send real-time alerts to team members, to a department or to the entire company that won’t be missed.

Sample channels include:

  • Screensaver channel
  • Digital signage channel
  • Company news channel
  • Business intelligence dashboard channel
  • Key performance Indicator channel
  • Department news channel
  • Project team news channel
  • My Personal channel
  • Virtual community channels
  • Enterprise social networking
Connected Workspace

With teams increasingly working from multiple locations, employees are spending more time collaborating online.  With the X2O platform, multiple users can access a shared virtual workspace on their desktops and collaborate on a project, a document or a discussion whether they’re present or working remotely.

Capabilities include:

  • Document sharing, desktop sharing, IM, video chat, polling
  • Facilitator role / participant role
  • Users all in same room or on the web
  • Access using interactive touchscreens, video walls, tablets, cell phones, laptops, desktops
Connected Workplace

Communicating vital information to employees is more important than ever. Doing so in a way that engages employees with little effort is key to employees responding to that information. Relevant and visually compelling content are key factors to ensure your messages are seen, understood and acted upon.

The X2O platform lets users communicate real-time information using dynamic visual channels and engage with users through connected screens and devices throughout a facility.

A connected network of screens, all using the X2O platform, can include:

  • Digital signage LCD screens
  • LED displays
  • Interactive touchscreens and interactive kiosks
  • Video walls of all sizes and resolutions
  • IP desktop phones
  • Wearable devices
  • Internet of Things
Connected Workforce

More and more workers are working remotely and they’re working with employees around the world in numerous time zones.

The X2O platform lets users quickly share real-time content with remote co-workers, building a global community of connected users. By sharing dynamic channels, employees are kept up-to-date on decisions and are empowered with better information to make their own decisions.

  • Worldwide digital signage network
  • Cross-campus digital signage network
  • Online collaboration
  • Document sharing, desktop sharing, IM, video chat
  • Smartphone apps

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