Reach users on any device, anywhere.

With the increased use of tablets and smart phones and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work trend showing no sign of slowing, the need to extend information to these devices has become a requirement for many companies.

With drag-and-drop channel authoring tools and integration with back-end enterprise systems, non-programmers can create powerful channels such as company news channels, dashboard channels, employee training channels, and more.

One third of employees routinely work either remotely or from the road.

Frost & Sullivan


The X2O platform allows users to quickly and easily create enterprise-class channels of content that can be published to any screen, including tablets and mobile phones.

  • Create data-driven mobile channels in a fraction of the time required by custom programming.
  • Avoid the expense of creating and supporting complex custom-coded apps.
  • Integrate with existing enterprise system data sources such as Salesforce, Dynamics, SharePoint and more.
  • Easy to Learn – Since no programming is required, IT resources can focus on solving on issues while users build their own mobile app channels.
  • Dynamic – Content linked to internal data sources, social media and RSS feeds updates dynamically in real time, saving you significant time and money.
  • Multi-platform – HTML5 channels can be created and deployed on multiple mobile platforms.
  • Expandable – Use one platform for creating and publishing channels to digital displays, touch screens, desktops and mobile devices.

X2O mobile business apps let you visualize real-time data from sources such as Microsoft® Dynamics®, providing you with actionable intelligence and performance indicators.

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