Create, share and view SharePoint-based channels.

SharePoint TV lets users create TV-like channels made up of video and graphics-rich content and publish these channels to any device. Information already stored in your SharePoint site is automatically pushed to any type of screen including digital displays, video walls, smart phones and employee desktops.


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With X2O Channel Builder, users drag-and-drop a number of smart objects to create channels linked to SharePoint content. Once created, channels can be published to any type of screen. In addition, you can embed SharePoint TV channels directly into SharePoint as a web part, allowing easy access to company news, product demos, training information, internal surveys and poll results, dashboards and team announcements.

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  • Real-Time Updates. SharePoint information is automatically updated on all screens in real time, greatly simplifying the content management process and reducing staff workload. The result is a powerful visual communication tool with the look and feel of a TV channel.
  • Multiple Data Sources. In addition to SharePoint content, combine data from various databases such as Oracle, SQL, Access and XML, as well as social media sites to create more complete dashboards.
  • No programming. Channels link to content already stored in SharePoint without having to call IT, greatly simplifying the process of creating and updating channels.
  • Scalable.  X2O provides an enterprise-grade solution with role-based permissions that can restrict access to content and scales to thousands of devices.

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Real-time Alerts

X2O_SharePoint_TV_Real-Time_Alerts Send messages and notices to desktop PCs or smart phones of a few employees, a department or the entire company

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