Social media is always on – watch and take action with X2O visual channels.

Social media has become a pervasive part of business life, especially as a source of relevant, current information. Displaying trends, metrics and KPIs on digital displays, video walls and employee desktops using eye-catching graphics provides up-to-the-second information without having to spend time sourcing it.

Whether displayed as the only content on digital displays and video walls or only one part of a larger story, viewers will be drawn to it and will want to engage with it.

X2O enables anyone to create channels that feature popular social media site content including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and publish channels to multiple devices.


Social media content and social data can help provide real-time context to channels, or be the entire focus of the channels.  Visualize social content with X2O channels.

  • Display live tweets, posts, selfies and more in a fun, interactive format.
  • Generate real-time graphs, charts and maps from social analytics, metrics and KPIs.
  • Create a dedicated “social listening” command center.
  • Visualize the performance of social campaigns and take action on future campaigns.
  • Add interactivity with QR codes, touch screens or other external devices.

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  • Keep employees and stakeholders informed and engaged.
  • Provides timely, highly focused and constantly refreshed content without any intervention.
  • When added to BI dashboards, social media provides immediate context to other information.
  • Social media posts, photos and videos promote immediate engagement and encourage interaction with display screens.



Signage Solutions, the technology and solutions magazine for digital signage, DOOH, mobile and place-based digital media, awarded X2O a Product of the Year for its Social Interactivity Suite. The Signage Solutions Product of the Year Award recognizes the most innovative products of the year in the digital signage field.


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