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March 26-29Las Vegas, NVBOOTH #2800

Driving Retail Transformation

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Sneak Peek of Our Solutions

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[nectar_flip_box image_url_1=”1607″ bg_color=”#0d1534″ bg_color_overlay=”true” text_color=”light” icon_color=”Accent-Color” image_url_2=”1607″ bg_color_2=”#253d99″ bg_color_overlay_2=”true” text_color_2=”light” h_text_align=”left” v_text_align=”bottom” flip_direction=”horizontal-to-left” front_content=”Insights
“]We’re diving into the analytics that give retailers an unprecedented level of in-store knowledge, showing how our technology gathers, analyzes and gives actionable, real-time insight into in-store behaviors and preferences as well as business intelligence data. We’re answering questions such as: How well do you know what’s happening in your store? How are shoppers spending their time and money? How effective are your marketing campaigns?[/nectar_flip_box]
[nectar_flip_box image_url_1=”191″ bg_color=”#0d1534″ bg_color_overlay=”true” text_color=”light” icon_color=”Accent-Color” image_url_2=”191″ bg_color_2=”#253d99″ bg_color_overlay_2=”true” text_color_2=”light” h_text_align=”left” v_text_align=”bottom” flip_direction=”horizontal-to-left” front_content=”Personalization at Scale
“]Our interactive fashion wall brings a digital shopping experience — complete with full curated looks and apparel details — into the store. Shoppers use the wall to browse products or explore complete “looks,” based on their own selected preferences. After browsing, the shopper can easily send selected items to a dressing room, add to their cart for in-store checkout or enter their phone number to receive a text message “wish list.”[/nectar_flip_box]
[nectar_flip_box image_url_1=”1616″ bg_color=”#0d1534″ bg_color_overlay=”true” text_color=”light” icon_color=”Accent-Color” image_url_2=”1616″ bg_color_2=”#253d99″ bg_color_overlay_2=”true” text_color_2=”light” h_text_align=”left” v_text_align=”bottom” flip_direction=”horizontal-to-left” front_content=”Assisted Selling”]This kiosk-based solution guides shoppers through a luxury or high-value purchase, offering component comparison and upsell opportunities along the path to purchase. Information captured during the kiosk interactions, including gender, age and sentiment, helps sales associates cater to individual needs and deliver smart service and a more personalized shopping experience.[/nectar_flip_box]
[nectar_flip_box image_url_1=”1615″ bg_color=”#0d1534″ bg_color_overlay=”true” text_color=”light” icon_color=”Accent-Color” image_url_2=”1615″ bg_color_2=”#253d99″ bg_color_overlay_2=”true” text_color_2=”light” h_text_align=”left” v_text_align=”bottom” flip_direction=”horizontal-to-left” front_content=”Emerging Tech”]Our in-booth emerging technology theater will feature live demonstrations of practical, multi-user, real-time, collaborative VR. The demonstrations, running at intervals throughout the day, will highlight use cases and tooling specific to digital signage involving retail, internal workflows for pre-visualization, sales engagement possibilities, concepts for flagship enterprise-level immersive interactive experiences and experiential destinations.

[nectar_flip_box image_url_1=”1597″ bg_color=”#0d1534″ bg_color_overlay=”true” text_color=”light” icon_color=”Accent-Color” image_url_2=”1597″ bg_color_2=”#253d99″ bg_color_overlay_2=”true” text_color_2=”light” h_text_align=”left” v_text_align=”bottom” flip_direction=”horizontal-to-left” front_content=”Transformation Talks
“]Our in-booth theater will feature a daily line up of retail experience industry experts offering insights into topics such as retail analytics and proximity marketing, getting online in the store, bringing immersive experiences to flagship stores and what to look out for in the world of emerging technology.[/nectar_flip_box]
[nectar_flip_box image_url_1=”1529″ bg_color=”#0d1534″ bg_color_overlay=”true” text_color=”light” icon_color=”Accent-Color” image_url_2=”1529″ bg_color_2=”#253d99″ bg_color_overlay_2=”true” text_color_2=”light” h_text_align=”left” v_text_align=”bottom” flip_direction=”horizontal-to-left” front_content=”Service Automation
“]We integrated our ordering kiosks with facial recognition technology and the Mix Master robotic cocktail machine creating a memorable, streamlined ordering experience. After choosing or designing your favorite drink from our self-ordering kiosks, featuring our own commercial-grade tablets, watch the robotic machine get to work preparing it![/nectar_flip_box]
[nectar_flip_box image_url_1=”1617″ bg_color=”#0d1534″ bg_color_overlay=”true” text_color=”light” icon_color=”Accent-Color” image_url_2=”1617″ bg_color_2=”#253d99″ bg_color_overlay_2=”true” text_color_2=”light” h_text_align=”left” v_text_align=”bottom” flip_direction=”horizontal-to-left” front_content=”Customer Loyalty
“]Provide convenience and improve speed of service for loyalty app users in the drive thru. Using digital displays along with sensor and voice technology, our smart drive thru solution identifies app users and delivers a personalized experience to loyal customers, building a stronger relationship with the customer and inspiring repeat visits. Digital displays help the associate prepare orders while customer-facing displays delivers a guided experience, presenting medication details and prescription reminders during dwell time.[/nectar_flip_box]
[nectar_flip_box image_url_1=”1987″ bg_color=”#bfbfbf” bg_color_overlay=”true” text_color=”light” icon_color=”Accent-Color” image_url_2=”1988″ bg_color_2=”#253d99″ bg_color_overlay_2=”true” text_color_2=”light” h_text_align=”left” v_text_align=”bottom” flip_direction=”horizontal-to-left” front_content=”The John Batchelor Show live in our booth”]Veteran WABC Host John Batchelor will interview retail technology experts live in the STRATACACHE booth, capturing the discussions for future broadcasts of The John Batchelor Show, a breaking-news program that focuses on a wide range of topics including global politics, economics and hard sciences. At NRF, the conversations will dive into how deep tech is evolving the retail landscape to thrive in the age of Amazon. Learn more at www.johnbatchelorshow.com and @batchelorshow.


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Theater Schedule

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9:00 AM

Emerging Technology Demo STRATACACHE

10:30 AM

In-Line Shopping... Getting Online in Store Jimmy Abraham - enVu

When consumers frequent an online store, data is gathered about who they are, what they like but don’t buy and what they are actually buying. Research shows, the consumer wants this same level of service when entering a brick and mortar store. The technology is in place to give your consumer a seamless In-Line shopping experience whether they are buying online or in-store. In this transformation talk, we'll explore two major components: getting your consumer in the store by creating a desired destination and what should be in place to make the perfect In-Line shopping experience.

11:00 AM

The ROI of Digital Engagement Technologies - Strategic Considerations Jonathan Rosen - PRN

The first question when considering whether to launch a new digital experience is will it deliver ROI? This session will share ROI considerations and results from a variety of STRATACACHE platforms (Digital Menu Boards, In-Store Signage, POS Messaging Platforms). We'll explore the relationship of ROI to ROO (return on objectives). We'll highlight powerful new digital measurement tools that can analyze a store like a website - providing real-time insights on store conditions and adjusting media dynamically, maximizing individual market opportunities and increasing ROI.

11:30 AM

Desitnation Shopping Jimmy Abraham - enVu

12:00 PM

Emerging Technology Demo STRATACACHE

1:30 PM

Best Practices of Retail Stores in the Experience Economy Dan Hodges - Consumers in Motion

Description TBA

1:45 PM

“Not Invented Here” The Future of Retail is in “Ecosystem Innovation” Manolo Almagro - Q Division

In an increasingly digital and connected environment, leaders of established companies frequently find themselves facing opportunities that they—or even their industries—cannot seize alone. Instead of relying on start-ups to create innovations and then buying in to them, true innovation will come from organizations taking part in ecosystem innovation, where multiple industries collaborate to develop and then commercialize new concepts.

2:30 PM

QSR Operational and Guest Experience Insights: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Cory Kiesel - STRATACACHE

During this transformation talk, industry expert Cory Kiesel will offer insights into how technology has dramatically changed the food service industry by improving the guest experience, increasing average check size, and boosting cash flow. Additionally, he will discuss technology trends that can put your restaurant ahead of the food service evolution by driving digital guest personalization and suggestive sell.

3:00 PM

Emerging Technology Demo STRATACACHE

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9:00 AM

Emerging Technology Demo STRATACACHE

10:15 AM

Retail Analytics & Proximity Marketing Björn Sjölund - Walkbase

With more real-time and historical data available than ever before, we are able to forecast key performance indicator development for weeks at a time. Walkbase has the sensing and data processing technology needed to make large scale forecasting a reality for all retailers. Our technology enables retailers to make educated decisions around opening hours, staffing needs and inventory purchases.

10:45 AM

Using Virtual Reality to Transform the Retail Environment William Tustin - Centertec

During this transformation talk, William Tustin will talk about how VR content can be changed daily, unlike traditional media offerings of the past, so exciting new titles and experiences are continually offered, keeping our message fresh. Centertec leverages VR to reach schools systems by offering educational content, bringing school trips and summer camps to our store during days when other retail spaces may be empty.

11:15 AM

John Batchelor Show - WABC NYJohn Batchelor

Guest Interviews: Chris Riegel, Manolo Almagro, Rob Hall, & more!

1:30 PM

Tech and Commerce - How Media and Content are Converging with Retail Gwen Morrison - The Store/ WPP

As consumers move across platforms, publishing and media are becoming transactional. Learn how these developments are creating opportunities for retailers and brands.

2:00 PM

How to create a retail experience concept - first steps Mattias Hofmann - Scala EMEA

Digital store experience is more than just installing displays. Matthias will show an abstract of a real pitch presentation Scala EMEA did for a large German retailer.

2:30 PM

Under Construction: The Transforming Future of Retail Anne Marie Stephen - Street Fight

The future of retail is no longer a vision of a futuristic tomorrow, rather it has arrived and is playing out in real-time. As a "practical futurist," in this transformation talk, Anne Marie explores the technologies, solutions and consumer behaviors we are experiencing today and which will be the most valuable for impacting business in the short and long term.

3:00 PM

Emerging Technology Demo STRATACACHE

[/tab][tab icon_family=”none” title=”January 15 2019″ id=”1543593040352-2-7″ tab_id=”1543420248672-5″]

9:00 AM

Emerging Technology Demo STRATACACHE

10:30 AM

Projecting Delight - Engaging Customers with Custom Projection Mapping David Title - Bravo Media

The demand for immersive and engaging customer experiences has never been higher. Thanks to improvements in projector technology it is now viable to bring the power of projection mapping to the retail environment. Capable of truly unique displays, projection mapping requires an experienced team of designers to deliver the platform’s full potential. In this presentation, Bravo Media’s Chief Engagement Officer will show real-world examples of how they have harnessed the power of projection mapping to surprise and delight customers and guests. From Christmas displays at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC to the just-opened Tao Nightclub in Chicago, see how projection mapping can transform the customer experience. Bravo Media is an experiential production company headquartered in New York where their in-house team of designers, animators, developers and producers create dynamic moments of engagement for events, launches, activations, retail, hospitality and commercial real estate.

11:00 AM

Data Science and Actionable Insights in Retail – The Risk of Waiting and The Value of Investing Joe Kokinda - STRATACACHE

The physical retail shopping experience is currently going through a major, once-in-a-lifetime, transformation. Online shopping has driven the use and utilization of data, data science and analytics to new levels of purpose and value. The future of the physical retail shopping experience is now expanding into many new areas of innovation including artificial intelligence, synthetic sensors, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality and many other technologies that are shaping our collective consumer future. At the center of all of this innovation: Data. Yes, just data. It is that simple, yet that complex. Online retailers have had the competitive advantage for years, but not anymore. You have in front of you, today, a timely and very unique opportunity to understand and invest in the strategic use of data, data science and related technology solutions sustain your viability in the marketplace and increase your competitive edge.

11:30 AM

Topic TBA Doug Chavez - Geometry Global

12:00 PM

Emerging Technology Demo STRATACACHE


Speakers NRF

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Manolo Almagro

Q Division, Managing Partner

As managing partner of Q Division, Manolo brings to bear his international experience inspiring innovation teams, launching first to market products, identifying and capitalizing on emerging technology trends, developing new digital capabilities, curating tech start-up partnerships for leading agencies, retailers and brands. Manolo is a requested speaker and a subject matter expert in Emerging Tech. To remain on-trend between speaking engagements, Manolo co-hosts an iTunes top 20 podcast, Mo + Jo’s Epic Tech Talks, about demystifying relevant marketing technology.

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Anne Marie Stephen

Street Fight, President

Anne Marie has extensive experience developing and implementing high-impact technology strategy with an expertise in transformation and innovation. She previously held senior leadership roles with leading-edge solutions and analytics companies and as Founder of kwolia, innovation advisory. She has worked with clients including: Hershey’s, Ahold Delhaize, Ralph Lauren, Brookfield Properties, Panasonic and Samsung. She is an advisory board member for the Millennium Alliance, and is a mentor at XRC Labs, Plug and Play Brand and Retail Center, REVTECH Accelerator and 1871. As a recognized thought leader, she is a sought-after speaker and has appeared at SXSW, Cinemacon, NRF Big Show, Shoptalk and many other leading conferences. As president of Street Fight, she is responsible for the creative vision, budgets and strategic leadership of the company.

[/item][item id=”1543594945521-0-6″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


Jonathan Rosen

PRN, Senior Vice President, Content Strategy & Consumer Experience

Jonathan leads the content, creative, and user experience teams at PRN, architecting scaled digital experiences that engage shoppers and influence behavior. He’s an authority on emerging technologies in contextual data-driven personalized storytelling. Prior to joining PRN, Jonathan was Co-Founder at Spine Films, where he created original programming for Discovery Networks and National Geographic. Jonathan holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Columbia University, and was a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute.

[/item][item id=”1543595336501-0-9″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


Cory Kiesel

STRATACACHE, Director of Business Development

Cory Kiesel is the Director of Business Development at STRATACACHE and is a resident restaurant subject matter expert. At STRATACACHE he assists clients with identifying project scope, implementation and expanding future capabilities. Prior to STRATACACHE, Cory gained expertise as a multi-site operator and supervisor in both QSR and fast casual brands. His day-in-the-life restaurant insights combined with the STRATACACHE family expertise allows him to tailor scalable solutions with restaurant employees and franchisees in mind. Cory works with numerous brands and franchisee associations across the US, providing them with best practice skills and knowledge to scale hardware and monetize their digital investment.

[/item][item id=”1543596488259-0-10″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


Björn Sjölund

Walkbase, VP Product & Data

Björn Sjölund is a co-founder of Walkbase and an avid developer. As Vice President of product and data, he drives the product and feature development around the analytics and marketing platform at Walkbase. He describes himself as a product guy with a passion for all things mobile, web and data related.

[/item][item id=”1543596579093-0-7″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


William Tustin

Centertec, CEO

Bill has owned CENTERTEC, an LBVR Technology Center for over two years. CENTERTEC has become a preeminent Center for providing XR technologies coupled with education, to the public. Before becoming an expert in XR strategies for various companies, Bill worked for over 25 years in the Casino and Banking industries. He helped his customers implement new technologies, which increased their revenue and improved their customer service. Bill now uses his experience and expertise to teach companies how to be successful with their implemation of new XR technolgies; specifically, how to attract customers, retain customers, and increase revenue and decrease expenses, all while providing a superior customer experience with exceptional content, hardware and software. Bill also owns his own Capital Company, which invests in XR technology.

[/item][item id=”1543596753509-0-5″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


Gwen Morrison

The Store/WPP, CEO

Gwen’s career has been dedicated to helping businesses heighten brand connections as consumers move closer to purchase. With over 15 years leading WPP’s retail practice, The Store , she works across all retail formats around the world. Gwen is a regular speaker at International events including NRF, CES and Retail Leaders Forum. She serves on the editorial board of Journal of Brand Strategy and is a contributing author for HBR, The Robin Report and Ad Week.

[/item][item id=”1543596912436-0-5″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


Joe Kokinda

STRATACACHE, Director – Data Science, Analytics and Insights

Joe is a thought leader in the analytics and data science areas with a focus, drive and career passion for innovation with data. As the Director of Data Science, Analytics and Insights for STRATACACHE, he is utilizing intelligent analytics and data science to drive smarter digital signage, sensors, digital merchandising, mobile enablement, and rich media customer retail experiences. He is focused on the data-centric future of the physical retail shopping experience by enabling opportunities for data enrichment that include artificial intelligence, synthetic sensors, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality and many other technologies that are shaping our collective future.

[/item][item id=”1543597156122-0-0″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


David Title

Bravo Media, Chief Engagement Officer

As Chief Engagement Officer at Bravo, David Title oversees concept development for experiential marketing and events, production management and creative services for a full-range of video content and nurturing long-term relationships with strategic partners.

[/item][item id=”1543597475917-0-2″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


Doug Chavez

Geometry Global, Business Growth and Marketing Executive – Digital Marketing and eCommerce Leader

Accomplished growth marketing leader with proven experience online and offline. Highly successful within startups and large, established Fortune 500 companies. Spearheaded development of marketing teams from the ground up and manage multi-million dollar budgets. Successfully scaled marketing departments and developed effective monetization strategies across multiple businesses. I am Passionate about creating alliances with agencies, vendor partnerships and growing relationships with clients. Recruit and manage high performing marketing teams. Develop B2B and B2C marketing strategies. Proven leader with experience in customer acquisition and retention. Drive customer conversions and new user growth.

[/item][item id=”1543444035-1-20″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


Jimmy Abraham


Jimmy Abraham bridges technology and media for business and brand evolution. An IT geek since 1995, technology and innovation are second nature to Jimmy. Additionally, he has become an expert in the sales and operations of digital media activations and installations. Jimmy has directed the deployment of thousands of digital interactive activations across events, trade shows and retail environments throughout the world.

[/item][item id=”1546878137498-0-8″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


Dan Hodges

Consumers in Motion, CEO

Over the course of his visionary career, Dan Hodges has had a role in shaping each new and emerging technology and bringing it to market to impact consumer relations in the realms of cable television programming, digital advertising, video on demand, interactive television, mobile advertising, IOT, AI and the experience economy.

In 2014, Hodges founded Consumers in Motion (CIM), after his astounding success using mobile technology to support and educate the US State Department to reach civilians when the infrastructure went down in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. As word of Dan’s success with the State Department at Mobile World Congress spread, he began to be flooded with offers from Fortune 100 companies to do the same for them. CIM has since worked with thousands of executives to improve their companies’ digital performance.

[/item][item id=”1547054736391-0-1″ tab_id=”1543444200411-0″ title=”Item”]


Matthias Hofmann

Scala EMEA, Scala Sales Manager

Matthias has 13 years of experience in Digital Signage. He is responsible for the German speaking market at Scala EMEA. Matthias started at Scala in March 2017.


STRATACACHE Family of Marketing Technology Companies

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