The X2O Open Content Management Framework (OCMF)

In order to expand customer options and improve the content management workflow, X2O recently announced its OCMF initiative.

X2O has opened its content management portal, the X2O Portal, and enabled third-party systems to integrate on both the content management side and the player end.

This significant step not only provides customers with the ability to vary the type of display technology deployed, but greatly reduces overall network costs.  It also cuts ongoing operating costs by minimizing tedious, repetitive tasks.



Digital Signage Players

Third-party manufacturers of digital signage players can integrate with the powerful X2O Portal following certification by X2O.

That means users can have a network with a variety of media players, all managed from the browser-based X2O Portal content management tool.  Supported players include:

  • Exceptional 3D glasses-free 3D player
  • FrameJazz player
  • OpenSplash player
  • Cisco media players

No other platform offers as many display screen options as X2O.  Stay tuned for more announcements on certified partners.



Video Systems

The X2O Portal is now fully integrated with the Polycom® RealPresenceMedia Manager. Users can access video assets stored in the RealPresence Media Manager directly from X2O’s content management tools, then schedule and deliver them to digital displays, greatly simplifying the content workflow.

The Polycom RealPresence Media Manager streamlines the processes, devices, and technology required to produce and distribute media effectively over existing IT infrastructures. The automated, end-to-end solution supports the complete content lifecycle of all video assets — from video capture and content management to viewer access and delivery across networks — regardless of source or format.

With the X2O Portal API, solution providers such as Polycom have the opportunity to register digital assets with the X2O Portal, greatly simplifying the work associated with digital asset management.