X2O Media weekly collaboration demo

Seeing IS believing and the X2O Media team walks the talk!  X2O Media is hosting a demo session for you to experience first-hand our collaboration room. From the comfort of your home or office, discover how the X2O collaboration technology can provide a secure and virtual meeting and learning environment.

Complete the form below to register and virtually participate in our Seeing is Believing demo. Whether you are looking for a global collaboration room, a virtual classroom, corporate learning center, town hall platform or a crisis room, X2O Media’s collaboration technology is flexible and scalable.

Sign up today for A Seeing is Believing demo session where Mansour Brek, President of X2O Media will share his insights and expertise. Don’t miss this great opportunity to explore how X2O Media’s collaboration and communication solutions can help you cope with an increasingly global and distributed collaboration environment.


X2O Virtual Classroom

The X2O Virtual Classroom is a unique experience which facilitates live interaction between its participants (both remote and in-room) and the instructor to enable better collaboration and learning. 

The demand for remote meetings, education and training has evolved tremendously. With the X2O collaboration technology, up to 120 remote participants are “virtually together” in a secure environment and immersed to easily interact with instructors, their in-room peers, and the digital whiteboard via large format presence displays. Each display features a dedicated speaker and camera to facilitate active participation in the session.


Mansour Brek, President of X2O Media, brings over 20 years of experience in managing large scale software development projects. He is a recognized expert in the fields of real-time computer graphics, content management systems, and user interface design.


X2O Media is committed to providing the global community the opportunity to experience the benefits of its collaboration technology to be able to meet in a safe and virtual  manner. For additional information, please complete the form below or, email X2O Media sales.

X2O Media is offering the following benefits to non-profit, educational, or governmental organizations.

1.            Free Room Design

Adopt a collaboration room and X2O experts will help you design and visualize the room with professional floor plans and  3-D renderings for a value of up to $10,000 US.


2.            Credit Multiplier

Ask us about sponsored collaboration credits to help you deliver even more meetings and lectures during this critical time.

X2O Media is also pleased to offer the opportunity to make it easier for everyone to adopt this ground-breaking collaboration technology.

3.            Room-as-a-Service Package

Includes hardware, software and services as an all-inclusive cost-effective subscription-based bundle.

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