Launch Immersive Virtual Classroom To Deliver Music Education Globally


Project Overview

FutureDJs, Austen and Scott Smart, were looking to develop an immersive multi-sensory learning experience and expand reach to teach music to students globally. They wanted to find a robust platform that enabled the highest quality audio, visual and collaboration while being deployed quickly.

Future DJs decided to partner with X2O Media to create a bespoke collaboration solution, Virtuoso, using the X2O Platform.

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Quick facts

Les participants apparaissent simultanément à l'enseignant et à l'élève en temps rée

Les enseignants peuvent détecter les indices verbaux et non verbaux pour encourager la participation et l'engagement.

Depuis le lancement, plus de 2 700 étudiants et participants se sont inscrits à Virtuoso.

“We built the world’s first virtual music stage allowing us to go from one-to-one to one to many. For us as DJs, being connected with people is at the centre of everything we do and in essence it’s sending out a signal and it’s getting one right back from the crowd.

That is why we started our journey with X2O Media. They offer the technology which allows us to create an immersive environment and a real-time engagement with our audience. We were aligned from day one. We wanted to build a new platform to deliver our mission to make inspiring music education accessible to everyone. X2O Media were ready to make it happen with all of the adaptability and innovation that we were looking for”.

Austen Smart
CEO and Co-Founder, FutureDJs and Virtuoso

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