Empowering visual communications

Communicating successfully has many rewards: making a sale, clearly conveying corporate objectives, sharing vital business information with team members. Effective communications is the essence of any business. It allows stakeholders to be decisive. It speeds up processes. It helps create a more aware and attuned workplace.

X2O Media empowers organizations to be successful communicators with tools that allow anyone to create media rich, highly visual content channels that leverage real-time data. With a long and proficient history in visual storytelling, X2O understands that great communications inspires, motivates and drives business opportunities.  In today’s Digital Workplace, the companies who embrace these new forms of communications will flourish.


Network Television Roots

X2O Media was launched in 2006 when it was spun off from VertigoXmedia, a leader in the field of broadcast graphics automation. VertigoXmedia received widespread recognition early on by developing a 3D broadcast graphics control system for ABC’s Monday Night Football telecast. The television industry took notice and for the next ten years the company’s ground-breaking products and creative services were used on the highest profile live TV productions. Major projects included the Super Bowl, Major League Baseball World Series, EuroCup soccer, US presidential elections, Canadian elections and more.

That deep knowledge of the live TV production workflow and the power of video and graphics is fully incorporated into X2O’s channel creation and management platform. X2O’s tools are as powerful and versatile as those used by broadcasters, without requiring the expertise of a broadcast engineer. It is X2O’s goal to enable anyone without any programming skills to create dynamic channels of content that look as good as what you see on TV.

Dedicated to Innovation

X2O software and services have been used in some of the most demanding productions. But don’t just take our word for it – X2O has consistently garnered industry recognition for both its innovative software products and exceptional content design.

X2O will continue to:

  • Simplify tools: offer easy-to-use, intuitive software
  • Democratize content: empower users to create the highest-level video productions
  • Maximize ROI: create smart approaches that keep long-term operating costs down
  • Push the envelope: deliver exciting new products and concepts