At X2O Media we strive to create robust and reliable solutions which is why we partner with industry-leading technology companies to provide high-performance, integrated hardware and application software that create robust and reliable solutions that bring unique value to customers. Our network of dedicated channel partners specialize in integration, installation, maintenance and support services and provide expertise and services with technology, design, configuration, sales and support.

Industry Partners


AV User Group

X2O Media sponsors the AV User Group, a thriving community of over 1350 members of AV end user professionals who meet at quarterly AV User Group forums.



X2O Media is a sponsor of The Learning and Teaching Spaces Managers Group (LTSMG) who are an active community of AV technologists and learning space designers with over 350 members from across the UK and Ireland.



X2O Media is proud to be partnering with SCHOMS a professional body in the UK for Senior Managers working within Higher Education.


LPI (Learning and Performance Institute)

X2O OneRoom has been awarded the status of Accreited Learning Technologies by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), the leading global authority on workplace learning and development.


Media & Learning Association

X2O Media is delighted to be a member of the Media & Learning Association which is dedicated to advancing education through the strategic utilisation of media and digital technologies across education.

Our technology partners include

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