X2O OneRoomTM

Situation Room

Situation Room Overview

X2O OneRoom provides a hybrid meeting solution that can welcome both in-room and remote participants within a private, secure environment. With premium quality collaboration tools including interactive whiteboards and real-time content streams teams can engage and make decisions in a fast, effective and collaborative way.



  • Hybrid or virtual meeting environment to bring key stakeholders together to make decisions and evaluate situations
  • Private and secure platform where participants use confidential login credentials to access each session
  • Integrated collaborative tools including an interactive whiteboard to share information and encourage real-time engagement
  • Functionality to run polls to gauge real-time opinions
  • Content repository for files and information which both in-room and remote participants can easily access before, during or after a meeting.
  • Intuitive user interface, easily accessible with laptop and browser

Tailored to your needs

X2O OneRoom is scalable with a full range of options including:
  • Custom-built room design with support to create and visualize meeting environments
  • Quick start pop-up deployments within existing training environments
  • Complete hybrid solution or virtual only option where all participants are remote
  • Directional audio to enable one to one engagement in real-time
  • Multiple camera views including a unique perspective for each remote participant, as well as in-room camera tracking to see who is speaking

Product details and specifications

  • Accommodates up to 120 remote participants
  • Access using a browser and standard laptop along with microphone, speakers, and camera
  • Dynamic, customized room configurations
  • X2O OneRoom supports single sign-on integration and is underpinned by WebRTC technology with no plugins required
  • Powerful and compact X2O Media Player provides high-quality audio and video rendering for an enhanced situation room experience

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