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Broadcasting and communications have always been at the heart of the company’s culture and expertise. Acquired by STRATACACHE in 2018, X2O Media shifted its focus to digital communication and enterprise solutions.

X2O Media’s global headquarters is in Montréal, with European offices in the UK, providing collaboration technology, digital workplace solutions and localized support and services for a range of clients across multiple industries from healthcare, entertainment, and consumer products to enterprise, finance, and technology.

X2O Media’s mission is to help teams, businesses and organizations connect, collaborate and communicate effectively with each other in real time, wherever they are in the world.


Products & Solutions

The enterprise-grade collaboration technology and digital workplace solutions are designed to maximize engagement and communication.

X2O OneRoom is an online collaboration environment with real-time engagement and provides unique immersive learning and training experiences for remote and in-room participants.

X2O Media also provides unified communication solutions with the cloud-based X2O Platform helping connect and communicate with users on both desktop and mobile devices. The X2O Platform also supports dynamic data visualization and business intelligence dashboards which enable a dynamic, engaging way of communicating with dispersed/distributed workforce. Meeting room scheduling solutions also support the digital workplace by improving space utilization and streamlining the meeting room booking process.

As technology evolves and becomes more integrated within the digital workplace and employee communication strategies, X2O Media continues to work with teams, and organizations to provide immersive environments with real-time engagement, and engaging communication channels that help connect groups of people.

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