X2O OneRoomTM

Immersive collaboration technology

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X2O OneRoom Use Cases


X2O OneRoom is equipped with advanced features including dedicated cameras for true eye-contact, high-quality directional audio for a one-to-one connection, and integrated collaboration tools including interactive whiteboards. These features create a hybrid learning environment to facilitate learning and training for in-room and remote participants alike.

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Meeting Room

X2O OneRoom offers a unique collaborative meeting environment that unites both in-room and remote participants in the same session. The interactive solution helps promote real-time engagement with advanced features including dedicated cameras for true eye-contact and high-quality directional audio that ensures a one-to-one connection. OneRoom is also equipped with integrated collaboration tools including high-definition interactive whiteboards and breakout groups that facilitate interactive meetings for both in-room and online participants.

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Training Room

X2O OneRoom training room is a real-time learning and development environment that removes the confines of geography and typical web based video conferencing applications to unite both in-room and remote participants for immersive employee training. With the recent disruption in the labor market, employees needed the flexibility to participate in learning & development programs during their own time. Companies shifted gears to create new innovative measures and processes for employees to continue to learn and develop in a hybrid environment.

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Executive Room

X2O OneRoom supports executives and their teams by providing a secure, private environment for hybrid or virtual meetings that unites in-room and remote participants. With broadcast quality high-definition audio visual streams and collaborative tools, X2O OneRoom offers the perfect executive meeting room for teams to engage and strategize

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Situation Room

X2O OneRoom provides a hybrid collaboration solution that can unite both in-room and remote participants within a private, secure environment. With premium quality collaboration tools including interactive whiteboards and real-time content streams teams can engage and make decisions in a fast, effective, and collaborative way

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These are just a few of the many possible X2O OneRoom configurations available.

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