Business Intelligence Dashboard


The digital workplace offers companies new ways to connect and engage with employees. Interactive dashboards with dynamic visuals ensure important company news and KPIs are delivered.

Using visual elements such as charts and graphs to illustrate complex and raw data enables teams to visualize and understand trends to improve decision-making and business performance.

With the X2O platform, organizations can develop interactive dashboards to support decision-making and performance. X2O Platform enables non-technical users to build dynamic dashboard channels that include links to multiple data sources. These channels are published to digital signage screens, video walls, laptops and mobile devices to communicate relevant information in real-time.



Business intelligence dashboards features:

  • Enable non-technical staff to create dynamic dashboard channels
  • Link to internal data sources such as SAP, Oracle, and SharePoint
  • Connect sales teams to CRM systems
  • Add user-generated content from social media sites
  • Create interactive dashboards and publish on any screen including mobile devices
Business Intelligence Dashboard

Key benefits of a business intelligence dashboard

The potential of data remains largely untapped. When the complex data is simplified, missing trends or patterns that were overlooked take on new meaning.

A business intelligence dashboard helps businesses to make informed decisions. The centralized and completely portable nature of a business intelligence dashboard provides access to analyze invaluable business insights from a multitude of devices 24/7 from wherever you are in the world. This level of freedom and flexibility translates to increased productivity and enhanced business intelligence for employees.

Discover how identifying and analyzing trends across your organization’s business sectors provides employees with the necessary insights and data for a more efficient decision-making process.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Northern Trust chose X2O Media because it is easy to learn with minimal training, yet there’s no compromise when it comes to advanced capabilities. Setup was quick and easy, with dynamic, on-brand content playing on screens in no time. And for those responsible for content, the X2O platform’s intuitive user interface has saved time, increased the effectiveness of the messages, and enabled relevant changes and updates.

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